How do I insert or remove the microSD™ card in my Samsung Mesmerize™?

Your device lets you use a microSD™ (SD) or microSDHC™ card to expand available memory space. This secure digital card enables you to exchange images, music, and data among SD-compatible devices.

  • Insert a MicroSD™ Card
    1. Remove the battery cover.
    2. With the gold contacts facing down, carefully slide the memory card into the slot, pushing gently until it clicks into place (1).
    3. Install the battery cover.

  • Remove the MicroSD™ Card
    1. From the Home screen, touch Applications > Settings > SD card & phone storage > Unmount SD card.
    2. Remove the rear cover.
    3. Gently press on the memory card, then release so that it pops out from the slot, and carefully pull the card out.
    4. Install the cover.

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