Can I Lock my Boost Mobile Samsung m390 Array™?

You can set the locking behavior of your device. Your device can lock the keypad, preventing you from accidentally pressing any keys while your device is in your pocket, bag, or purse. Or you can use the Phone Lock Code so that when locked, you must enter the Phone Lock Code to gain access to the device.

  • Phone Lock Code
    1. From the Home screen, press Menu  > Settings & Tools > Settings > Lock Phone.
    2. Enter your Phone Lock Code.
    3. Highlight Lock Now and press the  key.

    You can change your Phone Lock Code by highlighting and selecting Change Lock Code. Enter your new four-digit code and re-enter the same code to confirm your new code.

  • Key Guard Lock

    To quickly lock or unlock your keypad, press and hold the Back key. This feature does not require a password and can be set to auto-lock after a few seconds of inactivity by selecting Menu  > Settings & Tools > Settings > Auto Key Guard. Select On (default) or Off to disable this feature.

    To unlock your keypad, press the * key, then press the Back key.

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