What are the different Buttons and other Physical Features of my Samsung Galaxy Camera?

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Front View of Your Samsung Galaxy Camera™

  • Shutter Button: Press to capture photos or video when you are using the Camera application.
  • Microphone: Used for capturing audio during video recording and for certain applications that allow audio capture.
  • Power Button: Allows you to power your Galaxy Camera on and off. Also allows you to lock or unlock the touchscreen.
  • AF-assist Light: Assists the camera's auto-focus feature by adding light to the scene.
  • Flash: A Xenon flash increases the lighting of a scene, allowing you to capture cleaner, crisper images. The flash stores inside the camera when not in use.
  • Flash Release: Press to release the flash.
  • External Speaker: Audio will be routed to this speaker when you do not have a headset connected.
  • Samsung Zoom Lens: 21x Optical Zoom (23mm–483mm), Aperture F2.8–F5.9, with Optical Image Stabilization.
  • Zoom Control: Toggle this control to zoom in and out on the scene.

Rear View of Your Galaxy Camera

  • 3.5mm Headset Jack: Connect a headset for listening to media in privacy.
  • USB Power/Accessory Interface Connector: Allows you to connect a Charger or other optional accessories, such as a USB/data cable.
  • Wrist Strap Connector: Used to attach an optional wrist strap accessory.
  • Battery Cover Release: Slide the release to the left to access the SIM card, optional microSD™ card, and battery.
  • Micro HDMI™ Connector: Open the cover to connect your Galaxy Camera to an HDTV or other device to share media stored on your camera.
  • Tripod Mount: Connect your Galaxy Camera to an optional tripod accessory.
  • Touchscreen: Use the 4.77" HD Super Clear TFT LCD Touchscreen to interact with your Galaxy Camera's applications and features

Camera Application Layout

  • Quick Settings: Touch this icon to expand the camera settings menu.
  • Focus Point: This box indicates where the Galaxy Camera will focus when capturing a photo. When the box is green, the area selected is in focus. When the box is red, there is an issue and the selected area is not currently in focus.
  • Current Mode Selected: The current mode selected from the mode menu will be shown in this area. The information shown will vary based on the option selected.
  • Camera: Touch this icon to take a photo.
  • Mode Button: Touch this button to access a vast array of camera modes and options. You can find the Smart pro and Expert modes here.
  • Video: Touch this icon to record video.
  • Filter Effects: Touch this area to set your Galaxy Camera to use a digital filter.
  • Gallery: Touch to access your gallery and view photos and videos stored on your Galaxy Camera.
  • Home: Touch this icon to return to the primary Home screen.

Home Screen Layout

  • Indicator Icons: Show the information needed to operate your camera, such as the received signal strength, battery level, unread emails, date, etc.
  • Back: Allows you to step backward when navigating a menu or web page.
  • Home: Allows you to return to the main Home screen from any Home screen or menu. Press and hold to display your recently used applications and a shortcut to the Task Manager.
  • Menu: Allows access to submenus with additional options for different features and applications such as Home screen, Messaging, and Web
  • Home Screen Indicator: Shows which Home screen is currently displayed.
  • Application Icons: Allow shortcuts to your favorite applications on the Home screen.
  • Widgets: Provide quick access to information without opening an application first.

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