How do I take Screen Shots on my TracFone Samsung Galaxy S® Showcase™?

Follow the steps below for capturing and viewing screenshots on your mobile device.

    Note: A microSD™ card must be installed in the device to use the screenshot feature.  

  • Capture a Screenshot

    Press the Home  key, the Back  key, and the Power/Lock key simultaneously to take a screen capture of the image on the screen.

  • View Your Screenshots
    1. From the Home screen, press Applications My Files > ScreenCapture.
    2. Open the desired screenshot.
    3. Press the Menu  key for the following options:
      • Share: Offers several ways to share your picture: AllShare®, Picasa™, Messaging, Bluetooth®, Google+™, Gmail™, and Email.
      • Delete: Allows you to delete the current picture.
      • More: Allows access to the following options:
        • Details: Shows technical information about the image.
        • Set as: Set the image as a Home screen wallpaper or a Contact icon.
        • Crop: Use the crop tool to remove unwanted areas of the image.
        • Rotate left: Change the orientation of the picture.
        • Rotate right: Change the orientation of the picture.

    Note:  If you press the Home  key for too long before pressing the Power/Lock button, the Task Manager menu will appear.  

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