How do I configure the 4G settings on my Samsung Galaxy Victory™?

Your device allows you to decide how your device connects to your wireless carrier's network. To edit your device's network settings, open the Notification Panel by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom, and touch Settings > More settings > Mobile networks. If you mark the Use packet data option, your device will connect to your carrier's wireless data network. Touch Network mode to select the technology your device should use when connecting to your carrier's wireless network. Select LTE/CDMA to allow your device to connect to your carrier's 4G LTE data network, when it is available. Select CDMA to allow your device to connect only to your carrier's 3G CDMA data network. Touch Sprint Connections Optimizer to set your device to connect automatically to the best mobile network: Wi-Fi® or your carrier's network. Mark the checkbox option to turn this Sprint®-only feature on.

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