How do I install an application to my TracFone Samsung Galaxy S® II from Google Play™ Store?

You can install Android™ applications to your mobile device using Google Play™ Store by opening the Google Play Store app that is preinstalled on the device. Google Play Store is your digital marketplace for games, applications, books, music, and movies.

With Google Play Store open, touch Apps and browse the wide selection of games and applications available for your device. When you have found an application or game that you want to install, open the application’s Google Play Store page by touching the application’s icon, and touch the button labeled Download for free apps, or $X.XX to show the cost to install an app.

Review the info in the app install window and then touch Accept & download.

The application will be queued for downloading to your device and automatically installed when the download is complete. When the installation completes, you can find the application by touching the Applications  icon.

    Note: Google Play Store requires that you have a Google™ Account set up on your device before you can access and install applications using the store.  

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