How Do I Turn On The Wi-Fi Hotspot On My Samsung RUGBY™ Smart (SGH-i847) Mobile Device?

You can use your phone as an Internet AP (Access Point) using portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This allows other devices (maximum 5) to connect to it via Wi-Fi. The Internet will be available on connected devices to share your data connection.

    Using your mobile device as a mobile access point is data-intensive and will dramatically reduce battery life. It is recommended to contact your wireless carrier and ask questions about availability with your current plan. It is also recommended that you keep the device plugged in while the Hotspot feature is turned on.  

  • Configure Hotspot
    1. From any Home screen, touch applications  > Settings > Wireless and network > Tethering and portable hotspots.
    2. Touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.
    3. Read the introduction and touch OK.
    4. Touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to add a checkmark and activate the feature. If you have Wi-Fi connected, you will first be prompted to disconnect. Touch Yes.

    Note: The Portable Wi-Fi hotspot icon  is displayed at the top of your screen.

    1. Touch Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
    2. Enter or edit the Network SSID, Security setting and Password.
    3. Touch Hide my device to create a checkmark if you want your device hidden.
    4. Touch Save.
  • Connect to the Hotspot
    1. Activate Wi-Fi on the device that wants to connect to your phone.
    2. Find [AndroidHotspotxxxx] in the Wi-Fi network list and connect to it.

    The connected device can now use internet through your Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

    Note: Activating Wi-Fi and connecting to your phone will be different depending on the type of device.

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