What is the Voice Recorder application on my Samsung Galaxy Exhibit™ 4G for?

Voice Recorder provides an easy way to remember where you parked your car at the airport, record reminders of things you need to do, or send a more personalized message to someone using your voice instead of text. The Voice Recorder allows you to record an audio file up to one minute long and then immediately share it using AllShare®, Messaging, Gmail™, or Bluetooth®. Recording time will vary based on the available memory within the phone.

  • Create a Voice Recording
    1. From the Home screen, touch Applications  > Voice Recorder .
    2. To start recording, touch Record and speak into the microphone.
    3. During the recording process you can either touch Stop to stop and save the recording or Pause to temporarily stop the recording. After pausing, touch Record to resume recording. Once the audio recording has stopped, the message is automatically saved. Touch Cancel to cancel the recording without saving.
    4. A list of all your voice recordings is displayed above the control buttons. Touch the name of a voice recording to play it.
    5. Touch the Menu  key to display the following options:
      • Share: Allows you to share your recording using Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Messaging, or Wi-Fi®.
      • Delete: Allows you to delete one or more voice recordings. Touch the recordings to delete and touch Done.
      • Rename: Allows you to rename your recordings.
      • Settings: The following settings are available:
        • Storage: Allows you to choose where your recordings will be saved. Select Phone or memory card.
        • Default name: Allows you to choose the name prefix for your recordings. For example, if your Default name is Voice, your recordings would be named Voice 001, Voice 002, Voice 003, etc.
        • Recording quality: Allows you to select High or Normal.
        • Limit for MMS: Allows you to select On or Off. If you select On, you will be assured that the recording can be sent in a message.

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