How do I customize the Applications menu on my Samsung Galaxy Exhibit™ 4G?

You can customize the look and feel of your device’s applications menu.

Customize Applications Menu

Touch Applications  to display the current applications. Touch the Menu  key and touch View type. You can select from Alphabetical grid, Alphabetical list, or Customizable grid.

If you selected Customizable grid, when you are returned to the applications menu screen, touch the Menu  key again and then touch Edit to rearrange your icons. Scroll through the list and locate the application icon you wish to move. Touch and drag the icon to the position that you want and release. To move to a different page, drag the icon to the edge of the page until the page scrolls to the desired page. You can also Add folder to create a folder that can contain several applications, or Add page to add an additional page that you can move applications to.

Touch the Menu  key and touch Save to save your changes, or touch Cancel to exit without saving your changes.

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