What is Android Beam, and how do I use it on my Nexus 10 Tablet?

With Android Beam™ you can beam a web page, a video, or other content from your screen to another device by bringing the devices together (typically back to back).

  • Turning on Android Beam

    Before you can use the Android Beam feature, you will need to turn it on. To turn Android Beam on:

    1. Open Quick Settings by swiping down from the top right corner of any screen, and touch Settings > More.
    2. Touch NFC. When NFC is turned on a blue checkmark will appear in the checkbox.
    3. Touch Android Beam, and then touch the slider  to turn on Android Beam 
  • Sharing Content with Android Beam

    Both devices must be active — they cannot be in the lock screen or screen off mode — before the Android Beam connection can be made. When the device's screen is locked or off, the NFC communication is turned off as part of the device's security features.

    When Android Beam is turned on in both devices, sharing content with Android Beam is easy:

    1. Open the content you want to share. You can share pictures, videos, web page links, even links to an application on Google Play™ Store. To share a link to an application, open the application and follow the steps below.
    2. Touch the devices together, back to back.
    3. On the device you are sending the content from, the screen will show Touch to beam. Touch the content on the screen to begin the beaming process.
    4. When prompted, separate the two devices and the content will begin to transfer.
    5. When the transfer is complete, the content will be shown on the receiving device's screen.

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