How do I reject an Incoming Call on my Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate™?

Follow the steps to reject incoming calls.

  • Reject Calls

    When receiving an incoming call on your mobile device, you can reject the call and send it to voicemail. You do this by touching and sliding the End  icon to the left.

  • Reject Call with Message

    Alternatively, you can reject the call and send the caller a text message by sliding the Reject call with message bar up from the bottom of the screen and selecting the message template, or selecting Create new message.

    You can edit the message templates displayed by opening the Phone application and touching the Menu  key > Call Settings > Set reject messages. You can create and store up to six message templates.

  • Auto Reject

    To manage auto reject/accept mode:

    1. Open the Phone application and touch the Menu  key > Call settings > Call rejection.
    2. Touch Auto reject mode to set the auto reject feature on for All numbers or Auto reject numbers (auto rejects calls from numbers in the Auto reject list).
    3. Touch Auto reject list.
    4. Touch  to manually add numbers to the reject list. You can also select numbers from your Call Log or Contacts by touching the Contacts icon.
    5. Mark Unknown to automatically reject calls from unknown numbers.

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