What is Google™ Voice Typing on my Nexus 10 Tablet?

Google™ voice typing is a feature that allows you to enter text using your voice.

  • Use Google Voice Typing

    To use Google voice typing when you are entering text:

    1. Touch the Microphone key on the onscreen keyboard. When you see the microphone image, speak what you want to type.
    2. Say “comma,” “period,” “question mark,” “exclamation mark,” or “exclamation point” to enter punctuation.
    3. When you pause, what you spoke is transcribed by the speech-recognition service and entered in the text field, underlined. You can touch the Delete key to erase the underlined text. If you start typing or entering more text by speaking, the underline disappears.
  • Enable and Edit Google Voice Typing Settings

    To enable and edit the Google voice typing settings, follow these instructions:

    1. Open Quick Settngs by swiping down from the top right corner of any screen.
    2. Touch Settings  > Language & Input.
    3. When Google voice typing is enabled a blue check mark will appear in the check box next to Google voice typing. To disable, touch Google voice typing, the blue check mark will be removed.
    4. To change the settings, touch the Settings  icon next to Google voice typing. Google voice typing allows you to Choose input languages and Block offensive words.

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