Can I Change the Keyboard Input options on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active?

You can change the keyboard settings on your device.

  • Changing Keyboard Settings

    You can change the keyboard settings on your device

    • From the Home screen, press Menu Menu key > Settings Settings Shortcut > My device Device Settings Icon > Language and input Language and Input Icon .
    • Your device comes preloaded with the Samsung keyboard and Swype® keyboard.
    • You can specify the default keyboard to be used by touching Default under Keyboards and input methods.



  • Samsung Keyboard

    Touch Settings Shortcut next to Samsung keyboard. You can also touch Settings Settings Shortcut on the keyboard when you are entering text.

    You can customize the following keyboard settings here:

    • Input languages: Touch Select input languages to add input languages. When you select more than one language here, you can quickly switch between languages by swiping your finger across the space bar.
    • Predictive text: Touch the slider Slider Off to turn Predictive text on Slider On . Touch Predictive text to edit the following settings:
      • Live word update: Once a day, automatically update with popular new words.
      • Personalized data: Mark this option to make predictive results better with the data collected from external accounts. When this feature is active, you can adjust the following settings:
        • Learn from Facebook®: Sign in to your Facebook account to learn your writing style.
        • Learn from Gmail™: Sign in to your Gmail account to learn your writing style.
        • Learn from Twitter®: Sign in to your Twitter account to learn your writing style.
        • Learn from Messages: Let the keyboard learn your writing style from your messaging style.
        • Learn from Contacts: Let the keyboard learn your style from your contacts' entries.
        • Clear remote data: Delete all information stored anonymously on the server.
        • Clear personal data: Remove all personalized data stored on the device.
      • Privacy Policy: View the full privacy policy on the data collected.
    • Auto replacement: Touch the slider Slider Off to turn Auto replacement on Slider On . When enabled, a word will be completed or replaced with the most probable word as you type.
    • Auto capitalization: Have your device auto-capitalize words at the beginning of a sentence and auto-capitalize proper nouns.
    • Auto spacing: Insert spaces between words automatically.
    • Auto punctuate: Have your device enter a period at the end of a sentence when you touch the space bar twice.
    • Keyboard swipe: Select from the following options:
      • None: Select the default key-touch entry mode.
      • SwiftKey Flow: When you mark this feature, you can spell words by swiping your finger across the keyboard to each letter of the word.
      • Cursor control: Mark the checkbox to move the cursor in the text entry box by sliding your finger across the keyboard.
    • Key-tap feedback: Select from the following options:
      • Sound: Your device will play a sound when you touch a key on the keyboard.
      • Vibration: Turn on haptic feedback when you are using the keyboard.
      • Character preview: When you touch a letter, a preview of the selected letter appears, making it easier to verify you are typing correctly.
    • Help: View a tutorial on using the Samsung keyboard, predictive text, SwiftKey Flow, and handwriting.
    • Reset settings: Reset the Samsung keyboard settings, except personalized data, to their default values.
  • Swype

    Touch Settings Shortcut next to Swype, or touch and hold Settings Settings Icon on the keyboard when entering text using the Swype keyboard, to customize the following keyboard settings:

    • Settings:
      • Vibrate on keypress: Vibrate when a key is touched.
      • Sound on keypress: Play a sound when a key is touched.
      • Pop-up on keypress: Display the character above the key when typing.
      • Long-press delay: Select the amount of time you need to select alternate characters during a long-press.
      • Show complete trace: Display the complete Swype path of each word.
      • Auto-capitalization: Automatically capitalize the first letter of a new sentence.
      • Auto-spacing: Automatically insert a space between words.
      • Next word prediction: Predict words based on the previously entered text.
      • Show Voice key: Display the Voice key when using Swype.
    • Themes:
      • Landscape keyboard: Select the size and screen location of your keyboard. Choose Full screen, Mini left, Mini right, or Split.
      • Keyboard height: Choose the height of your keyboard in Portrait and Landscape orientations.
      • Word choice list font size: Increase or decrease the font size of text in the Word Choice List.
    • My Words:
      • Backup & Sync:
        • Backup & Sync: Touch the slider Slider Off to turn Backup & Sync on Slider On to automatically back up and sync your personal dictionary.
          Note: You must be connected to a Wi-Fi® network or allow the Swype Backup & Sync option to use Cellular data.
        • Account: View the account registered with Swype.
        • Devices: View all devices associated with your account.
        • Sync now: Synchronize data with Swype.
        • Delete account: Unregister all devices and delete your account.
      • Living Language: Automatically update Swype with popular new words.
      • Social integration: Learn from Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.
      • Edit my dictionary: Manage custom words, usernames, and contacts added to your personal dictionary.
      • Clear language data: Delete all personal language data, including your words.
      • Contribute usage data: Collect data from the device to improve predictions.
      • Cellular data: Allow Swype updates over your mobile data connection.
    • Languages: You can change the language selection and download additional languages.
    • Gestures: View keyboard shortcuts you can use to quickly accomplish certain tasks.
    • Help: Get instruction on how to Swype, helpful tips for Swype, and the version of Swype on your device.
      • How to Swype: View introduction guides on how to Swype.
      • Show helpful tips: Display helpful hints on how to use Swype.
      • Version: Display the version for Swype.
    • Updates: Check for any Swype updates.
  • Switching Text Entry Modes
    1. When entering text, open the Notification Panel by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom.
    2. Touch Choose input method.
    3. Or, from the Language and input menu, set the default keyboard by touching Default.

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