What is Wi-Fi Direct™, and how do I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?

Wi-Fi Direct™ is a wireless technology that enables Wi-Fi Direct devices to connect directly to one another. This means users on-the-go can print documents, share data, sync files, and display information from notebooks and netbooks, as well as from devices like smartphones and tablets. Products certified Wi-Fi Direct can connect to other wireless devices without joining a traditional wireless network or Wi-Fi® hotspot.

  • Wi-Fi Direct Setup
    1. Open the Notification Panel by touching the clock in the bottom-right corner, and touch Settings  > Wi-Fi.
    2. Touch Wi-Fi Direct at the top of the screen.
    3. Your device will scan for other Wi-Fi Direct devices automatically. If the device you want to connect to is not listed, make sure Wi-Fi Direct is turned on in the other device and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    4. Touch the device you want to connect to. If you want to connect to more than one device via Wi-Fi Direct, touch Multi-connect and mark all of the devices you want to connect to, and then touch Done.
    5. The other device will receive an Invitation to connect prompt, and the user will have 30 seconds to touch Accept for the connection to be made.
    6. Once connected, the other device will be listed under Connected devices, and the  icon will display in the Notification Panel.
  • Sharing Information with Connected Device

    Depending on the other device model, the prompts and shared folder information may differ.

    To share videos, pictures, or other information with the connected device, follow these steps:

    1. View the information you want to share. For example, if you want to share a photo, find the photo in your camera viewer, Gallery or My Files, then touch the Share icon or touch More options  and look for Share, Share page, or Share via option, and touch Wi-Fi Direct.
    2. Mark the box next to a connected device name, Android_Xxxx, for example, and touch Done.
    3. You will see the Outbound transfers screen on your device. When the transfer is complete, the receiving device will see a notification in the status bar showing a Wi-Fi Direct file has been received.
    4. When you receive a file via Wi-Fi Direct, the file can be found in Apps > sdcard > ShareViaWifi.

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