How can I Change the Preferences in Kies 2.6?

Kies 2.6 lets you adjust language settings, access backup file information, and check for software updates.

    Note: Kies 2.6 is only available for use on a Windows platform. For support using Kies 3 (Windows and Mac®).     LEARN MORE

  • Kies for Windows®

    You can edit the general Kies 2.6 application preferences in Kies for Windows by clicking Tools > Preferences.


    • Folder location: Select the folder location that Kies will use to store content you add to your library. Click Change to select a new location.
    • Language: Select the language Kies uses.


    • Initialize Syncing log: Displays previous syncing logs.
    • Backup file: Displays a list of backup files by Backed up items, Date backed up, and Size.
    • Multimedia Data Storage Option: Select the option to automatically save your device's photos, music, and videos to the Kies library when they are saved to your PC.


    • Notify when updates are available: Select this option to receive a notification through Kies 2.6 when a software update is ready to download. Click Check for updates to manually check for software updates.

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