How do I safely remove the microSD™ card on my MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy Admire™ 4G?

Follow the steps below to remove a microSD™ card.

Remove microSD™ Card

To safely remove the microSD™ card from your mobile device, you must first unmount the microSD card.

    1. From the Home screen, touch Applications > Settings > SD card and phone storage.
    2. Your microSD card’s information is shown on this screen. To prepare the card for safe removal, touch Unmount SD card. Your device will close any applications currently using the card. Wait for the process to complete before removing the card.
    3. Remove the back cover by inserting a fingernail or pointed object into the slot on the top side of your phone (1). Lift the cover up (2) and away from the device (3).
    4. Press in on the microSD card to release the locking mechanism and release the card. You should hear a click.
    5. Grasp the card and remove it from your device.
    6. Reinstall the battery cover.

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