How do I Customize the Library View Mode in Kies 2.6?

Each Kies content library allows you to customize the displayed information. You can add and remove columns, sort your content, or view your content using thumbnails. Open the library you want to customize.

    Kies 2.6 is only available for use on a Windows® platform.  

  • Adding and Removing Columns from List View

    To add or remove a column of information in list view, right-click any column header. A selected column will be marked with a check mark.

    Click any column name to add or remove the column from the view. You can adjust the width of a column manually by clicking and dragging the edge of the column header. When you adjust the column width, you can reset the column or set the width to auto-adjust by right-clicking the column header and selecting Reset column or Auto-adjust column width.

  • Sorting Content

    Click a column header to sort the content using the information stored in that column. Click the column header again to reverse the sort order.

  • Switching Among Different Views

    You can switch among different content views by clicking the view mode buttons in the top-right corner of the window. Some libraries have multiple views available, but the common views are List view  and Thumbnail view  .

    You can also switch views by clicking View at the top of the window. When using the thumbnail view, you can adjust the size of the thumbnails using the slider  . Click and drag the slider to the right to increase the thumbnail size, or click and drag it to the left to decrease the thumbnail size.

  • Search

    Each Kies 2.6 content library allows you to search within that library. The search box is in the top-right corner of the window. Click the search box and enter your search term. As you type the term, matching results will display. The search is executed only in the library you are viewing.

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