Where Can I Find More Information About The S Educate Application


Click on the following FAQ's to learn more about S Educate:

Where do I get S Educate?

Can I create a profile through S Educate?

Why Should I Log Into S Educate App?

How much does it cost to use S Educate?

What type of personal information does Samsung store, and how is it used?

What content will I find on S Educate?

Is S Educate available in languages other than English?

What are the system requirements for S Educate?

How do I create an account?

How do I log into S Educate?

How can I retrieve my password?

How do I deactivate, cancel, or remove my account?

What do I do when S Educate stops working or freezes?

How do I watch a video?

How do I download a video?

How many videos can I download?

Can I download multiple videos simultaneously?

How do I turn subtitles for a video on or off?

How do I share the video I am watching?

Can I watch a video when my device is offline?

How can I delete videos I downloaded?

Why doesn’t my video play?

What do I do when S Educate stops working/freezes?

Why aren’t there any subtitles for some of my videos?

Why doesn’t my video play?

If I accidentally delete some of my videos, can I download them again?

What if I don’t have the video title, but I’m interested in a specific subject?

In S Educate I don’t see some titles that are available on KhanAcademy.org. Why is that?

How do I add a second page to a note?

How do I retrieve notes that I previously created?

How do I save my notes in S Educate?

Can I use S-Educate anywhere in the world?

Can I use S Educate on any mobile device?

How do I report an issue with S Educate?

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