How do I Set Up and Use Speed Dials on my device?

You can add contacts to your Home screen as direct dial shortcuts. When you touch the shortcut, your device will dial the contact's phone number you have selected.

Speed Dials

To add a direct dial shortcut to the Home screen, navigate to the Home screen you want to add the shortcut to, and touch Apps  . Touch the WIDGETS tab, and scroll through the available widgets until you see Direct dial. Touch and hold the direct dial widget to open the Home screen edit menu. Move the shortcut to the desired location and release. Select the contact you want to call with the shortcut. If the contact has more than one phone number associated with it, touch the phone number you want added as a shortcut. The shortcut is placed on the Home screen, and if the the contact you added has a contact photo, the contact photo will appear as the shortcut thumbnail.

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