How do I set Alarms on my device?

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Manage Alarms

To create a new alarm, touch Apps  > Clock  > Set alarm > Add alarm. Set the options below to the desired settings.

  • Turn alarm on: Mark this box to enable the alarm.
  • Time: Touch the up or down arrows to set the new time for the event, at which time an alarm will sound.
  • Repeat: Touch the days to have the alarm repeated.
  • Ringtone: Set the sound file played when the alarm is activated.
  • Vibrate: Mark this option to have the device vibrate when the alarm sounds.
  • Label: Use a specific name for the alarm. The name will appear on the display when the alarm activates.

Touch OK to store the alarm details.

Turning Off an Alarm

Touch Dismiss when the alarm sounds.

Setting the Snooze Feature

To activate the Snooze feature after an alarm sounds, touch Snooze. You can adjust the length of time the alarm will snooze in the alarm settings menu.

Deleting Alarms

To delete an alarm, open the alarm menu and touch and hold the alarm you want to delete. Then touch Delete alarm. If you want to turn the alarm off and save the alarm for later use, touch Turn alarm off.

Alarm Settings

From the Alarm menu, touch Menu  > Settings. Select from the following options:

  • Alarm in silent mode: Have the alarm sound when the phone is in silent mode.
  • Alarm volume: Adjust the volume level of the alarm.
  • Snooze duration: Set the length of time before the alarm will sound after touching Snooze.
  • Auto-silence: Have the alarm silenced after 10 minutes, if nothing is touched.
  • Volume buttons: Select the action performed when the volume buttons are pressed. Select from None, Snooze, or Dismiss.
  • Set default ringtone: Select the default ringtone when you are creating a new alarm.
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