How do I View Photos using Kies 3?

You can view photos stored on your connected device as well as those you have added to your Kies 3 library.

  • Viewing Photos

    To switch between thumbnail and list view, click   to switch to thumbnail view, and click  to switch to list view.
    When using the thumbnail view, you can adjust the size of the thumbnails using the slider  . 
    Click and drag the slider to the right to increase the thumbnail size, or click and drag it to the left to decrease the thumbnail size.
    You can click the tab at the top to change the way your photos are displayed.
    Similar photos will be grouped together based on the tab you choose.
    You can view your photos By date, By month, By year, and By folder.

    Double-click the photo you want to view. When viewing photos in the library, you can browse through all of the photos in a particular group by clicking Next  or Back  .

  • Viewing Photo Information

    You can view detailed information, such as photo size, file size, and file type, for photos stored on your connected device and those you have added to your Kies 3 library. To view photo info in Kies 3, click Photos below your device name or Library in the left panel. Right-click (control-click when using a Mac®) the photo you want to view detailed information for, and then click Properties to view the following details:

    • File name
    • Location
    • File type
    • File size
    • Photo size
    • Output resolution
    • Date taken
    • Date created
    • Date modified

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