How do I Restore a Backup created with Kies 2.6 using Kies 3?

You can transfer backups you created in Kies 2.6 to your device using Kies 3.

    Backup options may vary depending on your device.  

    For support using Kies 2.6, please click here.  

Locating Kies 2.6 Backup Files
  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Open Kies 3 and click the Back up/Restore tab.

  3. If necessary, click Restore data.

  4. Click Find file.

  5. Select the file to use, and click Open. File types must be .spb, .ssn, .sn3, .sme, or .ssc. If the previous backup included multiple file types (for example: Contacts, Images, and Messages), you must restore each one individually.

  6. Kies 3 will attempt to restore the data.

  7. Click Complete when Kies 3 is finished transferring the content.

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