How Do I Add & Remove Widgets From The Home Screen On My Tab 3

Widgets are small applications that are designed to provide a service or function. Widgets can be a helpful way to display information such as weather (feeds) or to activate a shortcut to a phone setting. Android handsets can come pre-loaded with handy widgets that assist and manage functions or provide a quick way to access a setting.

    Widgets may require online connectivity or require a paid subscription for a service. Please read over the terms of agreement for the widget when applicable for additional information.  

    The amount of active widgets per home screen varies depending on widget display.  

    Widgets can reside on either the Applications or home screen which are different than a shortcut.  

  • Adding Widgets to the Home Screen

    To add a widget to the Home screen, follow these steps:

    1. Tap the Home Key, and then tap the App button.
    2. Tap and hold a Widget you want to move to your home screen.
    3. Drag and drop the widget to the window you would like it to appear.

  • Removing Widgets from the Home Screen

    To remove a widget from the Home screen, follow these steps:

    1. Tap & hold the widget you want to remove.
    2. Drag the widget over to the trash can, and then release once it turns red.

      NOTE: This does not remove the widget from your tablet, this will only delete it from your home screen.

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