What Is An Imaging Unit?

Imaging Unit

To purchase a new Imaging Unit, click here to be directed to Samsungparts.com, where you can search for parts for your printer by enter your printer's model number.

An Imaging Unit is a cartridge containing the OPC (Organic Photo Conductor) Drum that rotates so the toner adheres to it. The OPC Drum holds the toner and transfers it onto the paper to be fused. The printing process would not be possible without the Imaging Unit in a laser printer. After a certain number of sheets (varying depending on the printer), the imaging unit will need to be replaced. The printer will notify you if you reach this point.

Note: Your manual contains details about your specific printer model, such as the imaging unit's average yield (number of sheets printed) and how to change out the imaging unit. To download or view the manual, click here to access the Samsung download center. Enter and search for your printer's model number, then scroll to "Manuals & Downloads" to download a complete user's manual.

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