[Android™ 4.4, KitKat] How do I Take a Magic Shot using my Samsung Galaxy S® 5?

Your device supports multiple modes within one function called Magic shot. After you capture a photo, any modes that apply to the subject matter will display as options. You can apply these options immediately after capturing the photo, or you can access them in edit mode.

Use Magic Shot

Note: When you touch  to switch between the front and back cameras on your device, Magic shot will switch to Beauty face mode.

To turn Magic shot on, with the Camera application open, touch Mode  and then touch the Shot & more thumbnail.

Aim your device at the scene, and touch the screen to focus on a specific area. When the focal point turns green, touch the camera shutter  button.

You will be taken to a review screen. The modes available to you may vary based on the photo content. There are five possible options:

  •  Best photo: The Best photo mode captures eight photos and selects the best one.
  •  Best face: The Best face mode lets you capture five photos and select the best face for each of the subjects.
  •  Drama shot: The Drama photo shooting mode lets you capture a series of photos of a moving subject and merge them into one photo.
  •  Eraser: The Eraser photo shooting mode lets you capture five photos of a scene and erase unwanted moving objects, such as passersby.
  •  Panning shot: The Panning shot mode lets you capture wide photos.

Note: Drama shot, Eraser, and Panning shot are only available when using the back camera. Best photo and Best face are available when using the front or back camera.

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