What are the different Indicator Icons on my Samsung Galaxy Note® 3, and what do they mean?

Your device has many indicator icons. See information below for a description of each icon.

  • Indicator Icons
    Signal Strength: The greater the number of bars, the stronger the signal. Airplane Mode: You cannot send or receive any calls or access online information.
    No Signal: No service is available. SIM Card: No SIM card installed in the device.
    3G: Connected to the 3G network. Flashing colored arrows indicate data being transmitted. 4G LTE: Connected to the 4G LTE network. An animated icon indicates data being transmitted.
    Call Forwarding: Call forwarding is active. Call: Call is in progress.
    Hold: Active call is on hold. Missed Call: Missed incoming call.
    Speakerphone: Speakerphone is active. Auto Reject Mode: Device is set to reject All Calls or from Reject List.
    Download: File or application download is in progress. Upload: Outbound file transfer is in progress.
    Hands-free Mode: Hands-free mode is active. Mute: Microphone is muted on active call.
    Battery: Displays the charge level. Icon shown indicates the battery is fully charged. Charging: Battery is charging.
    Battery Critical: Battery has only four percent or less power remaining and will soon shut down. Voicemail: New voicemail received.
    New Message: New message received. New Gmail™: New Gmail message received.
    New Email: New email message received. Event: Time and date for a Calendar event has arrived.
    New Google+™: New Google+ notification received. Input Method: When the keyboard is active, touch to select the text input mode.
    Alarm: An alarm has been set. Blocking Mode: Blocking mode feature is active.
    Vibrate: All sounds except media and alarms are silenced, and Silent mode is set to Vibrate. Silent/Mute: All sounds are silenced, and Silent Mode is set to Mute.
    Sync: Data and application synchronization is in progress. Screenshot: A screen capture has been taken and stored in the clipboard.
    GPS Acquiring: GPS is attempting to acquire a signal. GPS: GPS is on and
    Music Player: Song is playing within the Music application. Smart Screen: One or more Smart screen features are on.
    Bluetooth® Active: Bluetooth feature is active on the device. Bluetooth Connected: Bluetooth feature is active and communicating with another device.
    Wi-Fi® Not Connected: Wi-Fi network is available, or there is an issue with the wireless access point. Wi-Fi Active: Wi-Fi is connected, active, and communicating with a wireless access point.
    Wi-Fi Direct® Connected: Wi-Fi Direct is active, and your device is communicating with another device. Hotspot: Device is configured as a Wi-Fi hotspot.
    USB Tethered: Device is tethered via a supported USB cable connection. USB: Device is connected to a computer via a supported USB cable.
    Nearby Devices: Device is sharing/streaming media with nearby devices. Group Play: You have joined or started a Group Play sharing session.
    MicroSD™ Mounting: Your microSD card is being mounted and prepared for use. MicroSD Alert: Memory card has been unexpectedly or improperly removed.
    MicroSD Unmount: Memory card has been unmounted and is now ready for removal or formatting. Print: A print job is processing or being sent to a compatible printer.
    Notifications: There are too many on-screen notification icons to display. Touch to display more notifications. Disk Full: The device memory is full.
    Dock: The device is connected to a supported dock or cradle, or both. TalkBack: The TalkBack feature is active.
    System Update: An update is available for download and installation. Samsung Apps: App updates are available, or an app was downloaded and installed from Samsung Apps.
    Google Play™ Store Updates: Application updates are available from the Google Play Store. Google Play Store Download: Application was downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store.
    Alert: The device or an application requires your input. ChatON™: A new ChatON message has arrived.


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