How do I Turn On the Burst Shot Feature on my Samsung Galaxy Note II?

See the information below on your device's Burst shot camera feature.

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Burst Shot

Your device supports a photo option called Burst shot. This option lets you capture up to 20 photos with one touch. To turn Burst shot on, from the Camera  app, touch Settings  > Burst shot > On. You may see a message letting you know that Burst shot photos will be stored on your device's internal memory; touch OK. Touch Back  to return to the capture screen. To capture photos using Burst shot, touch and hold the camera shutter button. The images will be saved to the Gallery.

Note: Burst shot photos will continue to be saved to your device's internal memory even if you have installed a microSD™ card and have set the camera to use the microSD card for storage.

Play Burst Shot Photos

From the Home screen, touch Apps  > Gallery  and touch Burst shot photos  on the picture set you want to view. Touch Menu  > Play continuous shot to play the burst shot.

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