What is the Gamma Setting of My Monitor?

  • What Does "Gamma" Do?

    The Gamma menu adjusts the gray scale that represents middle tones on the screen. Adjusting Brightness brightens the whole screen, but adjusting Gamma only brightens the medium brightness. Gamma affects how contrasts appear on your screen. For instance, gamma that higher (represented by a lower number, such as 2.0) will make it harder to distinguish between brighter highlights in pictures, and gamma that is lower (represented by a higher number, such as 2.4), will make it harder to distinguish between darker shadows in pictures.

  • The Following Modes for Gamma are Available on Samsung Monitors
    • Mode 1: 2.2
    • Mode 2: 2.0
    • Mode 3: 2.4


    For instructions how to change the gamma setting for a specific model of monitor, click here to go to the Samsung Download center, where you can enter your monitor's model number and download a manual.

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