Why doesn’t my video play On S Educate App?

There are two main reasons a video might not play properly.

  1. You don't have an Internet connection. This may not be apparent. If necessary, turn off your wireless, then turn it on again to re-establish the connection. If you are using S Educate on a public Wi-Fi, expect to log in to the public Wi-Fi network AND accept the terms and conditions associated with the connection. If you have not accepted the terms and conditions, the tablet will show that you are connected to the Internet, but you will not actually have access to it. In such a case, your video cannot play.

  2. Your Internet connection is not stable enough. You can avoid this problem by downloading your videos in advance at a location where you have a strong, stable connection.

Where do I get S Educate?

You can download S Educate from the Google Play store or Samsung Apps.

  • Click here to download S Educate from Google Play.
  • Click here to download S Educate from Samsung Apps.

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