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Setting up a Google Cloud Ready Printer

Google Cloud-Ready Printers make wireless printing from your desktop, laptop, or Chromebook fast and convenient. By connecting your computer and printer to the same Wi-Fi network, you can print from anywhere in your home or business.

Before You Begin

  • Your printer must be Google Cloud compatible. For a list of Google Cloud compatible printers, please click here.

  • Chrome browser must be installed, since Google Cloud Print works through Chrome browser.To install Chrome browser, click here.

  • The printer and the computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If the printer is not already connected to the network and you have a traditional PC available, click here to open the web-based installer on your PC and then follow the prompts to connect your Samsung printer to your Wi-Fi network. If you are using a Chromebook, check your owner's manual for instructions on Wi-Fi connection for your specific model printer.

To Set up Google Cloud Print

  1. Open Chrome browser and enter the printer’s IP address into the omnibox (Chrome URL bar).


    If you do not know what your printer's IP address is, you can print out a Network Configuration Report that lists details such as your printer's IP address and MAC address. The method for printing a Network Configuration Report varies depending on the model of printer.


    For instructions on how to print a Network Configuration Report, click here to open the Samsung download center, search for your printer by model number, and click on the link to download the manual for your model printer (scroll to Manuals & Downloads for a complete list of manuals).


  2. Click Login on the top-right hand of the screen.



  3. Enter your ID and Password.

    The default user ID is admin and the default password is "sec00000." If the ID and/or password have been forgotten, then reset the printer network settings to return them back to default. Steps for resetting the network settings vary depending on the printer model. For instructions how, refer to the manual for your printer (see link in Step 1 for downloading user manual).



  4. A pop-up will appear, asking you to change your ID and password. You DO NOT have to change your ID and password. Click No if you wish to leave your ID and password as the default you just entered.



  5. Click on Settings, then Network Settings.



  6. Click Google Cloud Print on the left hand frame. If Google Cloud Print is not available, click here to verify your printer is a Google Cloud ready printer.

    Click here to verify your printer



  7. Click Register on the bottom of the center frame.


    If you see an error code at this stage (such as error -77 or -94), click Register anyway to see if it will process. If it does not, check to make sure that your printer is still connected to the wireless network, and that your computer is still connected to the same network. Fluctuation and loss of network connection will cause an error at this stage.


  8. Click Okay if you get a popup, and then click the blue text of the URL below the Printer Description to be directed to Google Cloud's confirmation page.

    If the blue text by Claim URL does not show, click the refresh icon (two circling arrows) in the top right corner above the undo button.



  9. If not already signed in, sign in with the same Google/Gmail account that you first used to sign in to your Gmail/Google account or Chromebook.



  10. Click Finish printer registration.



  11. After registration is complete, you will get a message like the one below. It may take a few minutes for the newly added printer to show and be available, and you will then be ready to print. If you wish to view available printers, click Manage your printers.



You are now ready to print. For example, if you would like to print a Google Document (shortcut: docs.google.com), simply click the print icon. If your printer is off or asleep, be sure to hit the Power / Wake Up button so it will print.

You can always access your Google Cloud Print settings by signing in to Google's Cloud Print website, https://www.google.com/cloudprint#printers

You can add additional Google Accounts to Google Cloud Print, allowing you to share your printer with friends or multiple accounts. Click here for detailed instructions.

Google Cloud Print Help Center

For answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting guides for Google Cloud Print, click here to visit the Google Cloud Print Help Center.

Firmware Update

If you experience problems with your computer not detecting your printer or printing successfully, ensure your printer is updated to the latest firmware. Visit the Samsung Download Center and search for your printer's model number, or look for your printer by clicking on Printer. Then, download and run the firmware update. To go to the Samsung Download Center, Click here.

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