How do I Sync my Outlook® or iCal® Calendar to my device using Kies 2.6?

You can sync the calendar between your computer and your device. You can sync calendar items to and from Microsoft® Outlook® on computers running Windows®.

    Kies 2.6 is only available for use on a Windows platform  

    Only calendar events saved locally on your device will be synchronized with your computer. Events synchronized to your device from your Google™ Account or other online services will not be synchronized with your computer.  

  • Sync Calendar with Your Computer
    1. Connect the device to your computer.

    2. Open Kies.

    3. Click the Sync tab.

    4. Mark the checkbox next to Sync Calendar with Outlook.

    When using Kies for Windows, there are additional settings to define. Select All schedules to sync all of the events in Outlook with your device, or select Selected Schedule folder to sync only the events available in a specific calendar folder. You can define the Outlook calendar folder where you want to save events created on your device. Mark the checkbox next to Sync selected periods to set the range the sync function should sync calendar events for.

  • Syncing

    Outlook may prompt you to allow Kies to access your contact files.

    After you have set the sync preferences, you can sync your calendar by clicking  in the top-right corner of the Sync tab. You can set your device to sync automatically each time it is connected to Kies.

    To turn on automatic sync, click the Basic information tab, and mark the checkbox next to Sync automatically when device is connected. When synchronizing with some versions of Outlook, Outlook may ask you to allow access. If you start a sync and the process seems to have stopped running, switch to the Outlook window, and respond to any access requests.

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