How do I Transfer Content between two Samsung devices using Kies 2.6?

You can transfer content between two Samsung devices connected to Kies simultaneously. You can transfer calendar events, contacts, memos, music, photos, and videos.

    Kies 2.6 is only available for use on a Windows® platform.  

  • Transfer Between Two Samsung Devices
    1. Connect both devices to your computer.

    2. Open Kies.

    3. Click the Back up/Restore tab.

    4. Click the device's name in the left panel you want to transfer content from.

    5. Click Transfer between devices.

    6. Click the drop-down box next to Transfer to another device, and select a target device.

    7. Mark the content you want to transfer, and click the Send button.

    8. The following screen will display during the transfer.

    9. Kies may display a notification when transferred information will result in duplicated content. Select the desired options and click OK.

      Note: Any content not supported by the receiving device will not be transferred.

    10. Click Complete when the transfer is finished.

  • Drag and Drop Between Devices in Kies

    If the device has more than one storage location (an optional microSD™ card, for example), you may be asked where you want the content to be saved. Select the location and click OK. If you are dragging content and you do not immediately see the content drag indicator shown in the image above, hover over the target device for a few moments.

    You can drag and drop contacts, music, photos, and videos between two devices when they are connected to Kies.

    1. Open the library location on the device containing the desired content.

    2. Click the desired item to select it. You can select multiple items by marking each item with a check mark.

    3. Click and drag the content to the target device's name in the left panel, and release it. The content is saved to the device.

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