How do I Transfer Backup Data from a device made by a manufacturer other than Samsung using Kies 2.6?

You can restore information contained in a backup file from another manufacturer to your Samsung device.

    Kies 2.6 is only available for use on a Windows platform. Kies 3 is availble for both PC and Mac. Mac users should download Kies 3 for Mac. If your device is running Android 4.3 or later versions, please download Kies 3. Devices running older versions of Android should download Kies 2.6.    LEARN MORE

Transfer Backup File from Other Devices

This feature may not be available on all devices supported by Samsung Kies. Some Samsung devices may require the use of Smart Switch™ and will not be allowed to proceed with the restore in Kies. This feature is only available for Windows®.

  1. Connect your device to your computer.

  2. Open Kies and click Tools > Transfer data from a non-Samsung device > Samsung. You can transfer data from backups for Apple®, Nokia®, LG®, and Blackberry® devices.

  3. Mark the device that you want to transfer backup data from.

  4. Click Change to locate and select the backup file you want to transfer to your device.

  5. Select the content you want to transfer to your device. Mark the I agree, checkbox in the Data conversion agreement section, and click Start.

  6. Click Complete when the transfer is finished.

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