How do I View and Manage Samsung Story Albums with Kies 2.6?

Kies provides you with access to view story albums stored on your device.

    This feature is available only for Windows®.  

    Kies 2.6 is only available for use on a Windows platform.  

  • Installing Story Album Viewer

    If you do not see Story Album or Library in the left panel, you may be running Kies in Lite mode. Click View > Switch Mode > Normal Mode, or click the mode shortcut in the top-right corner of the window to return Kies to "normal" mode.

    Story Album Viewer is not installed on your computer until you request it. To install Story Album Viewer:

    1. Open Story Album below your device's name in the left panel.

    2. Double-click the album in the Story Album library you want to view.

    3. Click Install.

    4. During the download, a progress screen is displayed.

    5. Respond to any security warnings about installing software.
    6. Click Next.

    7. Review the terms, mark I accept the terms of the license agreement, and then click Next.

    8. Review the installation details, and make any necessary changes. You can select a new destination folder on your computer. When you are satisfied with the options, click Next.

    9. Click Install.

    10. A progress indicator is displayed during installation. The installation time will vary based on the capabilities of your computer.

    11. Click Finish when the installation is complete.

  • Accessing Story Album from Kies 2.6

    You can open Story Album from Kies 2.6.

    1. Double-click the album in the Story Album library you want to view.

    2. The album downloads into Kies 2.6.

    3. The album opens automatically in Samsung Content Viewer.

  • Samsung Content Viewer Navigation

    Samsung Content Viewer lets you move forward by sliding  to the right. Slide  to the left to move backward.

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