How can I create my own Samsung Pay account?

When you open Samsung Pay for the first time, you will be asked to sign in to a Samsung account if one is not already on the device. If you do not have an account, you can create one at that time. You may also sign up for a new account on your computer at

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Create a Samsung Account on Your Device

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps .
  2. Touch Samsung Pay .
  3. Touch SIGN IN.
  4. Touch Sign up.
  5. Enter the requested information and touch NEXT.
  6. Review all the terms and conditions, and then touch AGREE.

    Note: Mark the Enhanced features checkbox to share additional information with Samsung Pay.
  7. Touch VERIFY ACCOUNT to open the confirmation email that was sent to your email address. It may be necessary to sign in to your email account. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the verification process.
  8. After your email address is verified, touch CONFIRM to complete the account setup and return to Samsung Pay.