Changing the Service Location/Country Code for 2015 4K SUHD TVs

Changing the country code resets Smart Hub to factory defaults.

Changing the country code is not possible with the new 2016 Samsung Smart Remote. You will need to use an older remote model.

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What is the Service Location

  • Your IP address determines the content you will be able to view and access not the country code the TV is set to.
  • Setting the country code in the TV to a country that you are not physically in will let you download apps for that country but you will not be able to view and access that content.
  • Your TV must already be connected to the internet to set your country code.

Changing the Service Location

If setup is grayed out you are not on the TV source

  1. Set the TV to the "TV" source, press the source button and use the navigation pad select TV and then click to select.


  1. Open the Main Menu.


  1. Use the navigation pad to select System.


  1. Select Setup.


  1. You will begin the on-screen setup that you completed when you first bought the television. Your previously entered information will be retained.


  1. Continue through the on-screen setup until you arrive at the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page in the on-screen setup.


  1. With the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page up on the TV press the following buttons in sequential order.



Vol +

CH ∧







  1. The country list will appear. Select your country from the list.


  1. Complete the on-screen setup. You TV's country code has now been changed.

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