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Using the Multiroom App

The Samsung Multiroom App is available for download in the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS.

Getting Started

  1. Touch Samsung Multiroom. If the icon is not on the home screen, enter the Apps Library and find the Samsung Multiroom App.



  2. Touch OK.



  3. Touch ALLOW.



  4. Touch ALLOW.



  5. Touch I Agree.



  6. Touch the speaker you wish to add. For this demonstration, Soundbar will be selected. For other wireless speakers, please follow their respective on-screen instructions.



  7. Press and hold the WPS/Wi-Fi SETUP button for 5 seconds until you hear a notification. Then touch Next to continue.



  8. Input the password to your wireless network and touch Connect to continue.



  9. Wait until the connection is complete.



  10. Your soundbar is now connected to the Multiroom App.


Playing Music

  1. Touch Samsung Multiroom.



  2. Rotate the dial to browse through the available songs.



  3. Releasing your finger will select the song and it will automatically begin playing. Alternatively, touch the Music menu.



  4. Select the desired source of music. For this example, Songs on Phone will be selected.



  5. Touch Songs.



  6. You can select specific songs or create a playlist. For this example Broken Reality will be selected.



  7. The song will begin playing.


Selecting the Speaker to Use

  1. Touch Samsung Multiroom.



  2. Touch the Speaker Menu icon.



  3. Select the desired speaker to use. For this demonstration [Samsung] R5 will be selected.



  4. Rotate the dial to select a song or use the music menu. For this example, Over the Horizon will be selected.



  5. Touch the Speaker Menu icon to view all the speakers.



  6. You can assign different speakers to play different songs.


Selecting Input Source

  1. Touch Samsung Multiroom.



  2. Touch the Menu icon.



  3. Select the desired source of music. For this demonstration, AUX will be selected.



  4. If there is a connected device, you can start playing music off that device.


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