Welcome to your Galaxy S5.

Get the most out of your new Galaxy S5 – from set up instructions to all its amazing features.


Set up your Samsung Account

You can sign up for a Samsung Account on your device or at If you sign up on your device, your Galaxy S5 will automatically be registered for you.

On your phone, go to Settings.

Scroll to Accounts and Add account.

Select Samsung account and then Create account.

Follow the form instructions to complete.


Set up a Google Account

To get the most out of your Galaxy S5, we recommend creating a Google Account (or signing in to an existing account). A Google Account lets you access a variety of Google products, such as Gmail™ and Google+™. You can download new apps and keep your existing apps and games up to date in the Google Play™ store.

Sign up here

* You may also set up a Google Account on your device in the Accounts section of Setting app.


Transfer your content

The Smart Switch™ app seamlessly transfers contacts, photos, music, videos, notes, calendar and more to your Samsung Galaxy® smartphone. Use Smart Switch to transfer content from your iPhone® directly from your iCloud® account or your iTunes® back up. You can also transfer content from your old Android or Galaxy smartphone. Smart Switch also supports content transfer from your old Blackberry® or Nokia® Symbian devices.

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Desktop software downloads

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S5 running smoothly by updating it regularly and backing up your data using Samsung Kies.

Download Kies to your computer

Setup FAQs

How do I install the battery?

Using the slot provided, gently lift the cover off the phone. Insert the battery, aligning the gold contacts on the battery with the gold contacts on the phone and gently press the battery into place. Replace the battery compartment cover, making sure all the tabs are secure and there are no gaps around the cover.

Where is the Menu button?

In place of the Menu button, the Galaxy S5 offers one-touch access to Recent Applications for fast multitasking. In select applications, you can touch and hold the Recent Applications button to view the Menu.

How do I adjust display settings?

To adjust settings such as brightness, screen timeout, and font, tap Apps > Settings, and then select Display Settings.

How do I set up voicemail?

Tap Phone on your screen. Touch and hold to dial your voicemail number. Then simply follow the system prompts to create your password, record your name announcement and your greeting.

Tip: You can also access and set up voicemail with the Visual Voicemail app. Tap Apps > Voicemail > Personalize now.