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  • How Do I Contact Samsung About My Home Appliance Via Social Media?

    To contact Samsung via social media click on one of the following links: Facebook Twitter Google+ [FAQs]

  • What Are The Power Requirements Of Samsung Ranges?

    Samsung Electric, Induction, and Induction Hybrid Ranges require a dedicated 240-Volt, 60-Hz, 40-amp, AC, fused electrical circuit to operate properly. Samsung Gas Ranges require a dedicated 120-Volt, 60-Hz, 20-amp, AC, fused electrical circuit to operate properly. [FAQs]

  • How To Install The Oven Racks

    To Install the oven racks, the curved part must be facing upwards and rearwards. [FAQs]

  • How To Use The Bake Feature On The Electric Oven

    To use the Bake function, perform the following steps: Press Bake on the control panel. Set the oven temperature with the using the number pads. Press Start/Set to begin baking. Notes: The oven's temperature display will begin changing once the oven reaches 150°F. The oven will [FAQs]

  • Can I Use A Ground Fault Outlet?

    Appliances require a properly grounded and polarized outlet. We do not recommend the use of ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlets with our appliances. The use of this type of outlet may not allow the appliance to operate properly. Some appliance components could create enough resistance to trip [FAQs]

  • Why Does My Oven Not Seem Clean After Using the Self-Clean Feature?

    The self-clean cycle works by incinerating food particles. Normally, some ashes are left in the bottom of the oven after cleaning. If spills are too thick or heavy, normal self-clean temperatures will not penetrate and disintegrate them. Instead, they will turn into a hard carbon crust and adhere [FAQs]

  • Why Is The Range Displaying A BAKE/LOCK Error Code?

    BAKE or LOCK may flash rapidly in the display to alert you if there is an error or a problem. If BAKE or LOCK appear in the display, press the CANCEL pad. If BAKE or LOCK continue to flash, disconnect power to the appliance. Wait a few minutes, and then reconnect the power. If the flashing still [FAQs]

  • Why Does My Food Not Broil Properly?

    For optimal broiling results we recommend the following: Remove excess fat from meat before broiling. Cut the edges of the meat to prevent curling. Place the food on a cold ungreased broiling pan. If the pan is hot the food will stick. Do not preheat. Begin using the suggested rack levels on [FAQs]

  • Why Is My Oven Not Heating Properly/Baking Evenly?

    If your oven is not heating properly/baking evenly, check the following items: It is important to pre-heat the oven before putting food in. Pre-heating helps bring the oven up to the temperature required by the recipe that is being used and prevents uneven baking results. Make sure the oven has [FAQs]

  • How Do I Use the Oven?

    To bake: Press the Bake pad. Set the oven temperature with the + and - pads. The oven temperature can be set from 170º to 550º F. The initial temperature is 350º F. Press the Bake pad or wait four seconds. The oven will sound one long beep when the oven reaches the set temperature. It will [FAQs]

  • Which Cleaner Should Be Used To Clean The Electric Cooktop?

    Samsung recommends using Ceramabryte Cooktop Cleaner and Ceramabryte Cleaning Pads to clean the smooth cooktop surface of the electric range. [FAQs]

  • Why Do My Smoothtop Burners Cycle On And Off?

    The radiant burners on your smoothtop cooking surface are designed with a limit switch to prevent the burners from over heating. It is normal for the burner(s) to cycle on and off during use to maintain the proper temperature. When the burner control is set on a lower setting, the burner will be [FAQs]

  • Why Do I Get A Lot Of Smoke When I Use The Broiler?

    To reduce smoke when broiling, we recommend the following: Use the broiler pan and grid that came with the appliance. They are designed to minimize smoke by draining away excess liquid and fat from the broiler element or burner. Pour a small amount of water (½ - 1 cup) in the bottom of the [FAQs]

  • Why Does The Glass On My Smoothtop Look Green?

    On the true color white or bisque smoothtop cooking surface, the glass will have a pinkish-red glow while the element is on. It will glow green when the burner is turned off and the element/glass is cooling down. The white or bisque color will return when the glass has cooled. These color [FAQs]

  • How Much Weight Will My Cook Top Hold?

    The cook tops on Samsung electric ranges have been internally tested to support loads of up to 70 pounds and run continuously at maximum heat levels for extended periods of time. Samsung does not guarantee fitness of the product for any specific purpose, however, it is our understanding that the [FAQs]

  • Can I Use an Oven Cleaner on My Self-Clean Oven?

    Commercial oven cleaners should not be used on a self-cleaning oven. Once the oven has cooled, clean any excessive spills with warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly before self-cleaning. [FAQs]

  • What Cookware Is Safe to Use on My Smoothtop?

    Using the right cookware can prevent many problems, such as food taking longer to cook or achieving inconsistent results. Proper pans will reduce cooking times, use less energy, and cook food more evenly. Avoid using the following types of cookware on the smoothtop: Pans with grooved or warped [FAQs]

  • How Much Weight Will My Cook Top Hold?

    The cook tops on Samsung electric ranges have been internally tested to support loads of up to 70 pounds and run continuously at maximum heat levels for extended periods of time. Samsung does not guarantee fitness of the product for any specific purpose, however, it is our understanding that [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • CES

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is taking place during January 6th - 10th in Las Vegas Nevada and is known as a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that introduces new technology and reveals new products each year. Please see below for common questions. When will [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • How Do I Clean Between The Oven Door Glass?

    The oven door is an assembly and is not vacuum sealed. Deposits may collect between the glass layers. The amount that collects depends upon the type of roasting and broiling being done. Vents on the oven door are required for air flow behind the glass. Do not use spray cleaners to clean the [FAQs]

  • Four Wire Power Cord Installation

    To install a four wire power cord, perform the following steps: Remove the 3 lower terminal screws from the terminal block. Remove the ground screw and ground plate and retain them. Cut and discard the ground strap. DO NOT DISCARD ANY SCREWS. Insert the one ground screw into the power cord [Troubleshooting Guide]

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