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  • Can I Play Video Games On My LCD TV?

    Yes, you can play video games on your LCD TV as long as you do not play the games for long periods of time. LCD TVs can be affected by consistant still imagaes. We recommend that you limit your viewing of stationary graphics and images, such as video game displays. Follow these guide lines [FAQs]

  • Which Samsung LCD TV Models Offer 3D Capabilities?

    The LNxxC750 series LCD TVs offer 3D Capabilities. Other LCD TV models are not capable of any 3D features and cannot be upgraded to support 3D features. [FAQs]

  • Do Samsung LCD TVs Have DCDi Technology?

    Samsung LCD TVs do not have DCDi (Directional Correlation De-interlacing) technology. For more information about DCDi, click here to go to STMicroelectronics website to view their white paper on DCDi. [FAQs]

  • Does Altitude Affect LCD TVs?

    Altitude does not affect LCD TVs. On the other hand, temperature does. The operating temperature range for Samsung LCD TVs is 50° F to 104° F (10° C to 40° C). The safe storage temperature range for Samsung LCD TVs is -4° F to 113° F (-20° C to 45° C). Temperatures outside these ranges can [FAQs]

  • Do Samsung LCD TVs Need To Be Grounded?

    Current Samsung LCD TVs all come with three-pronged plugs. One of the prongs on the plug, the round center one, is a ground prong. When you plug your TV into a standard, 3-pronged wall outlet, that is properly grounded the TV is automatically grounded as well. Your TV needs no additional [FAQs]

  • Do Samsung LCD TVs Have iLink (IEEE 1394) Jacks?

    Only three Samsung LCD TVs have iLink (IEEE 1394) jacks, the LN-S4096D, the LN-S4696D, and the LN-S5296D. All three are 2006 models. [FAQs]

  • Do Samsung LCD TVs Have An Alarm?

    Samsung LCD TVs do not have an alarm, but they do have a built-in on/off timer that lets you set a time for the TV to turn on automatically. This feature could be used as an “alarm” function as long as you set the TV volume to an appropriate level and the TV is receiving an incoming signal. [FAQs]

  • Do New Samsung LCD TVs Have A Break In Period?

    Samsung TV's do not require a break in period. [FAQs]

  • Do Any Samsung TVs Have A Common Interface (CI) Slot?

    No Samsung TVs made for the U.S. market have a Common Interface slot. [FAQs]

  • Do Any LCD TVs Come Packaged With An HDMI Cable?

    Samsung LCD TVs do not come packaged with an HDMI cable. These cables are sold seperately. [FAQs]

  • Can I Use The Playstation 3 Super-White Function On My Samsung LCD TV?

    You can use the Playstation 3 Super-White function on your Samsung TV if it meets the following conditions: The HDMI jacks on your LCD TV accept a 1080p signal. Your LCD TV has a xvYCC color capability. For a list of Samsung TVs that have HDMI jacks that accept 1080p signals, click here. [FAQs]

  • Fine Tuning Analog Channels

    You can only fine tune analog channels. You cannot fine tune digital channels. Digital channels have channel numbers with a (dash). For example, you can fine tune channel 7, an analog channel, but you can not fine tune channel 4-1, an over-the-air digital channel, or channel 85-704, a cable [FAQs]

  • General Connection Guide

    A general guide to help you make an informed decision on how to connect your equipment to your TV. [How-To Video]

  • What Is The Snowy Line On The Top Of The Screen?

    When you set your TV to JustScan, you may see a snowy, garbled, black and white line on the top of the screen. Usually, this is caused by something called overscan. Typically, overscan extends the picture beyond the edges of your TV set so that when you view a picture, there are no blank or [FAQs]

  • How Do I Remove The Residue Left By The Promotional Stickers On My LCD TV?

    Important: Never, under any circumstances, use WD-40 on the TV sceen. Use WD-40 on the bezel only. Occasionally, when you remove a sticker from a TV, there is residue left behind. To remove this residue, try wiping it with a soft, slightly damp, clean cloth. If wiping it with a soft, slightly [FAQs]

  • When I Use My LCD TV As A Computer Monitor, The Image Is Off Center.

    2008 TVs If the image on your TV is off center when you use it as a computer monitor, follow the steps below to center the image. 2007 and Earlier TVs If the image on your TV is off center when you use it as a computer monitor, follow the steps below to center the image. Note: The [FAQs]

  • How Do I Set The Time And Date On My LCD TV?

    To set the time and date on most Samsung LCD TVs, follow these steps: Important: The procedure above works for most recent and current Samsung LCD TVs. However, it may not be applicable to older Samsung LCD TVs. Although these TVs have a Clock Set function, the function lets you set the time, [FAQs]

  • Where Can I Get A Replacement Remote?

    Ordering a New Remote You can order a Samsung remote from J&J International, our Authorized Parts Distributor. To go to J&J on line, click here. After the J&J web page appears, enter either the model number of your TV into the Model Number field in the upper left corner or the remote control [FAQs]

  • Which Samsung TVs Have An ATSC (Digital) Tuner?

    All TVs made from 2007 through current models include an ATSC tuners. Legacy Models Of the 2006 models, all Samsung HL-S series DLP TVs, all LN-S series LCD TVs ending with a D (for example, LN-S3269D), all SP-S and HP-S series Plasma TVs, and all TX-S series SlimFit TVs have a built-in ATSC [FAQs]

  • How Do I Work The Coarse Adjustment On My LCD TV?

    The Coarse adjustment is only available when you are using your TV as a computer monitor. To use the Coarse adjustment, follow the directions below. [FAQs]

  • What Is LED SmartLighting?

    LED SmartLighting is a technology available on LED backlit LCD TVs. SmartLighting technology automatically turns the multiple LED backlights that light an LED backlit LCD TV on and off in response to the lightness and darkness of a picture, providing superior contrast with stronger blacks and [FAQs]

  • There Are Horizontal Lines Going Across The Picture On My LCD TV When I'm Watching A Source Connected Using The Component Connections.

    If you have a 2007 71F series (LN-Txx71F) LCD TV, and you're seeing horizontal bands or lines going across the screen when you are watching a source connected to the TV using the Component (Y, Pb, Pr) connections, you can resolve the problem by moving the Component cables away from the back of [FAQs]

  • What Is Auto Motion Plus?

    Auto Motion Plus is available on selected conventional backlight LCD TVs. LED Motion Plus is available on LED backlight LCD TVs. For a list of Samsung LCD TVs that have either Auto Motion Plus or LED Motion Plus, click here. Auto Motion Plus - Faster Frames for a Clearer Picture Using the [FAQs]

  • Can I Use My LCD TV In A Security System?

    Samsung strongly recommends against using a regular LCD TV in a security system. In most security systems, the televisions used are focused on one scene or image for hours at a time. Regular LCD TVs are susceptible to screen burn-in if the same image is on the screen unchanged for more than two [FAQs]

  • Plug And Play Is Grayed Out On My LCD TV.

    To un-gray the Plug and Play selection and make it accessible, turn on your TV, and then press the Source button on your remote until you have selected either Ant (Antenna) 1 or Ant 2 (Cable). Note: The Plug and Play selection is active and accessible only if you have set the source to either [FAQs]

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