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  • How To Use The Cool Select Pantry In The French Door Refrigerator

    The Cool Select Pantry™ is a full-width drawer with adjustable temperature control. This pantry can be used for large party trays, deli items, pizza, beverages, or miscellaneous items. There is a temperature control which can adjust the amount of cold air allowed into the pantry. The control is [FAQs]

  • The Heated Tray Ice Maker In The French Door Refrigerator Is Producing Too Much Ice. What Can I Do?

    If the ice maker is producing too much ice, verify that the ice level arm is still intact and operating properly. When the ice maker arm is operating properly, it will rotate downward when the ice maker is harvesting the ice. To see if the ice maker arm is operating properly, test the ice [FAQs]

  • The Newly Installed French Door Refrigerator Refrigerator Is Not Producing A Lot Of Ice. What Can I Do To Fix It?

    A new French Door refrigerator, or a refrigerator that has been off for several hours or longer, needs up to 24 hours before the temperature stabilizes and normal ice production can proceed. After the initial 24 hour period, normal ice production will commence. If ice production does not [FAQs]

  • Why Does My Display Say OF OF?

    If your display panel says OF OF it is in Cooling Off Mode (also known as Demo Mode). Cooling Off Mode is used by retailers to display the unit, in store, without running the compressor. The unit will not cool, but the lighting and display controls will still be fully functional. To take your [FAQs]

  • How Do I Reset The Filter Indicator Light On The French Door Refrigerator?

    How Do I Reset the filter Indicator Light on the French Door Refrigerator? Prior to 2011, the indicator light stays illuminated (blue) and changes color after 4 months (orange or purple) and again after 6 months (red). Note: The filter light color may vary from model to model, however, the [FAQs]

  • How To Use The Cool Select Pantry In The French Door Refrigerator

    Using the Cool Select Pantry [How-To Guide]

  • How To Reset The Water Filter Indicator On The French Door Refrigerator

    Resetting The Filter Indicator Light On The French Door Refrigerator [How-To Guide]

  • After Installing The Refrigerator, How Long Does It Take To Produce Ice?

    After Installing the Refrigerator, How Long Does It Take to Produce Ice? After you have installed your refrigerator, it will take up to 24 hours for the refrigerator to produce a bucket of ice. If it installed properly, the ice maker should begin producing ice within 90 minutes after the unit [FAQs]

  • How To Remove And Clean The Glass Shelf Above The Crisper Drawers In The French Door Refrigerator

    How To Remove and Clean the Glass Shelf Above the Cripser Drawers in the French Door Refrigerator If you need to remove the bottom glass shelf above the fruit and vegetable drawer, perform the following steps: Warning: Always use caution when working with glass. It can break easily [FAQs]

  • How Do I Clean the Refrigerator?

    How Do I Clean the Refrigerator? Here are some tips for cleaning your refrigerator: Interior and Accessories Clean the interior and accessories with a mild detergent, and then wipe with a dry cloth. After cleaning, make sure that all items are dry before using them again. Exterior Wipe the [FAQs]

  • Why Does The Refrigerator Have An Odor?

    Why Does the Refrigerator Have an Odor? If the odor is a burning/electrical smell, or you see smoke, refrigerant escaping, or sparks, disconnect power and set up service. If the refrigerator is new, you may notice a plastic odor. This odor will dissipate over time. The refrigerator itself does [FAQs]

  • Why are the Refrigerator and Freezer Not Cooling?

    Why are the Refrigerator and Freezer Not Cooling? If the refrigerator and freezer are not cooling, the fridge is probably in Cooling Off mode (aka Demo Mode). This means the cooling system has been shut down, but the electrical system is still operational. This is good news, because Cooling Off [FAQs]

  • What Are The Advantages Of Samsung's Twin Cooling System?

    What Are the Advantages Of Samsung's Twin Cooling System? The Twin Cooling System controls the refrigerator and freezer independently with two separate evaporators and precise electronic control. Here are the advantages: Superior Energy Savings An adequate amount of cool air is provided in [FAQs]

  • How Much Clearance Should the Refrigerator Have in the Back?

    How Much Clearance Should the Refrigerator Have in the Back? All Samsung refrigerators require a minimum clearance of 2 inches behind the unit. Some other things to know. When it comes to clearance around the fridge, More clearance is better than less. If air does not circulate enough, the [FAQs]

  • Why Is There Moisture Or Mold Between The Doors Of The French Door Refrigerator?

    Why is There Moisture or Mold Between the Doors of the French Door Refrigerator? If you notice condensation/moisture/mold forming between the refrigerator doors or on top of the freezer door turn Energy Saver off. When Energy Saver is on the icon will be illuminated (shown below). Turn Energy [FAQs]

  • What Does Power Freeze Do?

    What Does Power Freeze Do? Power Freeze speeds up the ice making process by reducing the amount of time it takes for the ice maker to make a tray of ice from 90 minutes to 55 minutes. To start the Power Freeze function, press the Power Freeze button. Both the compressor and the freezer fan [FAQs]

  • Where Can I Purchase A Replacement Water Filter And Other Parts For The Refrigerator?

    Where Can I Purchase a Replacement Water Filter and/or Other Parts for the Refrigerator? Replacement Filters, and other parts, can be purchased through our Authorized Parts Distributor, J&J International, Incorporated. For the most accurate, up to date information, please visit [FAQs]

  • Why is the Freezer Temperature Colder than the Set Temperature?

    Why is the Freezer Temperature Colder than the Set Temperature? If the freezer temperature is too cold, please make sure the ice cube bin is full. When the refrigerator senses that the ice bucket is not full, the freezer runs at a lower temperature promote faster ice production. Once the [FAQs]

  • Will The Water Dispenser Work Without A Water Filter Installed?

    Will the Water Dispenser Work Without a Water Filter Installed? Models designed for use with the AquaPure water filter are shipped with a cap in place to cover the opening and keep it free of debris prior to the installation of the water filter. On most models it is not necessary to have this [FAQs]

  • The Refrigerator is Leaking, what Should I Do?

    The Refrigerator is Leaking, what Should I Do? The leak in the refrigerator could be caused by one of the following conditions: The coupler that connects the refrigerator water line to your water dispenser is damaged or installed incorrectly. The water filter is installed incorrectly. [FAQs]

  • Why Does The Refrigerator Make Abnormal Noises?

    Why Does the Refrigerator Make Weird Noises? Typically, the noises heard from the refrigerator are normal operational sounds. Most people notice the sounds when the house is quiet. Normal sounds include, but are not limited to bubbling, cracking, popping, buzzing, humming, beeping, and [FAQs]

  • What Are The Ideal Temperature Settings For The French Door Refrigerator?

    What are the Ideal Temperature Setting for the French Door Refrigerator? The ideal temperature settings for the French Door refrigerator are 0°F (-18°C) for the Freezer and 37°F (3°C) for the Fridge. Adjusting the Temperature To adjust the temperature, follow these steps: Important: On models [FAQs]

  • Why Does the Control Panel Display OF OF or O FF Instead of the Temperature?

    Why Does the Control Panel Display OF OF or O FF Instead of the Temperature? If the control panel displays OF OF instead of the temperature, the refrigerator is in Cooling Off mode. In Cooling Off mode, the refrigerator appears to be running normally, but the compressor is off so the [FAQs]

  • Why is There Frost in the Freezer?

    Why is There Frost in the Freezer? Freezer frost can be caused by the following conditions: The freezer door is not closing completely. The freezer door gaskets are not attached to the door properly, are split or torn, or are not clean. The freezer is not being ventilated adequately. Food [FAQs]

  • How To Register Your Samsung Product

    The easy to use guide will walk you through registering your Samsung Products [How-To Guide]

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