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User Manual (AT&T SGH-I917 (Focus) User Manual (English)) (ver.F7)
Mar 8, 2011 ENGLISH 3.4 pdf Email
User Manual (AT&T SGH-I917 (Focus) User Manual (Spanish)) (ver.F7)
Mar 8, 2011 SPANISH 5.1 pdf Email

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  • How do I choose ringer and vibrate settings on my Samsung Focus®?

    Change Your Ringer or Vibrate Settings To access the ringer and vibrate settings on your phone, from the Start screen, flick left to the Apps list > Settings Settings Icon > ringtones + sounds. Tap the slider next to Ringer to turn your phone's ringer on or off. Tap the slider next to Vibrate [FAQs]

  • What are the different buttons and other physical features of my Samsung Focus®?

    Front View Front View of Your Phone Proximity and Light sensor: Use the ambient light level to adjust screen brightness and contrast. If the light path is blocked, for example, when holding the phone close to your ear, the touchscreen and keys will turn off. External Speaker: Allows [FAQs]

  • What is the Smart DJ feature on my Samsung Focus®?

    Smart DJ Smart DJ is a feature that creates auto playlists that you can play on your phone and your computer. Using the criteria you provide, Smart DJ will create an auto playlist of songs that have similar characteristics (pulled from your collection and from Zune ® Marketplace). [FAQs]

  • Can I change the Color Theme on my Samsung Focus®?

    Color Theme To change the color theme that your phone uses, flick left to the Apps list from the Start screen, and tap Settings > theme. You may select the Background color from dark and light. You may also select the Accent color. The accent color is what defines the color of your Start [FAQs]

  • What is SharePoint® on my Samsung Focus®?

    SharePoint ® The SharePoint ® feature on your phone allows you to access any SharePoint server to which you have been granted access. You will be able to view and edit documents stored on the SharePoint server. All you need is the SharePoint address. You can find more information about [FAQs]

  • Can I adjust the Brigtness settings of the touch screen on my Samsung Focus®?

    Adjust Screen Brightness You can adjust the brightness level of your phone's screen. Flick left to the Apps list from the Start screen and tap Settings > brightness. To manually adjust the brightness, tap the slider to turn the Automatically adjust feature Off. Adjust the brightness level to [FAQs]

  • How do I Activate Airplane Mode on my Samsung Focus®?

    Airplane Mode You can activate Airplane Mode by flicking left to the Apps list, and tapping Settings > airplane mode. Tap the slider to turn the Airplane Mode On or Off. [FAQs]

  • What is the Office 365™ feature on my Samsung Focus®?

    Office 365™ The Office 365™ service is a subscription service provided by Microsoft ® to businesses. The service provides access to documents in the cloud. Visit the Office 365 site for more information. [FAQs]

  • How do switch between applications on my Samsung Focus®?

    Switch Between Apps Many apps can run at the same time on a Windows ® Phone, and there's an easy way to switch between the last five you've used. Tap and hold the Back button to see up to five of the apps you have used recently. Tap the app that you want to return to. [FAQs]

  • How do I Play Games on my Samsung Focus®?

    Play Games Games that you install on your phone will be loaded to the Games Hub. To open the Games Hub from the Start screen, tap Games Games Icon . In the collection view, tap a game name into the list. There is a variety of ways that developers allow you to play their games. You can tap [FAQs]

  • How do I Create or Delete Alarms on my Samsung Focus®?

    Alarms To create an alarm, from the Start screen, flick left to the Apps list and tap Alarms. Tap the Add icon. Enter the alarm details and tap the Save Save icon. The alarm will be added to the list and turned On. To turn an alarm off, tap the slider. To delete an alarm, tap and hold the [FAQs]

  • What Accessibility options are available on my Samsung Focus®?

    Accessibility Features You can access your phones accessibility features by flicking left from the Start screen to the Apps list > Settings > ease of access. Your phone supports TTY/TTD mode and Speech for phone accessibility. Tap the slider to turn speech for phone accessibility On. Speech [FAQs]

  • How do I use Visual Voicemail on my Samsung Focus®?

    Visual Voicemail If you have activated visual voicemail with your carrier, when you call your voicemail for the first time, you will be taken through the visual voicemail setup. When you have completed the setup, you can access the visual voicemail feature when you open the Phone Phone [FAQs]

  • How do I use a PIN to Lock the SIM card in my Samsung Focus®?

    Lock the SIM Card You can set your SIM card to require a PIN code when your phone is powered on. To activate this feature, from the Start screen, flick left to the Apps list and tap Settings. Flick left to applications and tap phone. Scroll to the bottom of the list and tap the slider for SIM [FAQs]

  • How do I create a Calendar event on my Samsung Focus®?

    Calendar To create a new calendar event, open the calendar by flicking left from the Start screen to the Apps list and tapping Calendar. Pan or flick to the day that you wish to add the new calendar event to and tap the New New icon. Enter a Subject and a Location, and adjust the date and time [FAQs]

  • Can I change the default Language and Region on my Samsung Focus®?

    Language and Region You can change the language and region assigned to your phone at any time. To change these settings, flick left to the Apps list from the Start screen, and tap Settings > region + language. You can change your phones Display language, Region format, Short date format, Long [FAQs]

  • How do I Setup and Access Voicemail on my Samsung Focus®?

    Set Up and Access Voicemail Your phone's SIM card should be preprogrammed with your Voicemail access number. To listen to your voicemail, from the Start screen, tap Phone Phone Icon . Tap the Voicemail Voicemail Icon icon at the bottom of the screen. If you are having issues connecting to your [FAQs]

  • How do I change ringtones and alerts on my Samsung Focus®?

    Change Your Ringtone To access the ringtone settings on your phone, from the Start screen, flick left to the Apps list > Settings Settings Icon > ringtones + sounds. Tap the Ringtone box and select a new ringtone from the list that is displayed. You can tap the Play Play Ringtone icon to [FAQs]

  • How do I turn on the Battery Saver function on my Samsung Focus®?

    Battery Saver Your phone has a battery saver feature that allows your phone to conserve power when your battery drains down to critical levels. Your phone will ask you when the battery power drains to critical levels if you want to turn the feature on. You can set your phone up to turn the [FAQs]

  • How do I Install the Battery in my Samsung Focus®?

    Install Battery and SIM Card Remove the battery cover by placing your fingernail in the slot on the cover. Pull the cover up (1). Lift the cover up and away from the phone (2). Insert the SIM card into the SIM card socket as shown. Make sure that the gold contacts are down and that the [FAQs]

  • Why does the Marketplace icon have a number next to it on my Samsung Focus®?

    App Updates From time to time, your Marketplace icon will show a number next to the bag image. This indicates that you have new application updates waiting to be installed on your phone. Tap the Marketplace icon and then tap X updates at the bottom of the screen. X refers to the number of [FAQs]

  • How do I Uninstall an Application from my Samsung Focus®?

    Uninstall an Application You can uninstall any application that you downloaded from the Windows ® Phone Marketplace. To uninstall an application, from the Start screen, flick left to the Apps list. Find the application that you wish to uninstall and tap and hold the application name in the [FAQs]

  • How do I Lock my Samsung Focus®?

    Lock Phone Your phone supports a screen lock feature, and a lock code feature. The screen lock feature prevents accidental screen presses, but does not provide any security for your phone. When the screen lock is activated, you will need to press the Power button, and then flick up on the [FAQs]

  • Where do I view Pictures and Videos that I captured with my Samsung Focus®?

    Pictures and Videos You Created You can access pictures and videos that you captured with your phone by tapping Pictures on the Start screen. Open the album called camera roll to view the pictures and videos. [FAQs]

  • What is SkyDrive® on my Samsung Focus®?

    SkyDrive ® SkyDrive ® is part of your Windows Live ® service. SkyDrive is a cloud-storage service that allows you to upload your pictures, videos, and documents that you create with your phone, so that you can view them later from any computer, without needing to connect to your phone. [FAQs]

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