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Description Release Date Language Size (MB) Download File
User Manual (ver.1.0)
Mar 11, 2013 ENGLISH 4.57 pdf Email
User Manual (ver.1.0)
Mar 11, 2013 SPANISH 7.99 pdf Email
Operating System:
Operating System:
Operating System:
Description OS Release Date Language Size (MB) Download File

  1. This firmware is for TV Model(s): UN**EH6030, UN**EH6070
  2. The version is 1011.0
  3. This firmware update will improve the following:

    - Solves sound dealy issue on HDMI source

    - Improves picture quality.
All OS Feb 6, 2013 ENGLISH 55.57 zip

Firmware Upgrade Instruction

All OS Aug 24, 2012 ENGLISH 0.62 pdf
Description Release Date Language Size (MB) Download File
EnergyGuide Label (Environment)
May 15, 2012 ENGLISH 0.56 pdf

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  • Mini Wall-Mount Installation - WMN250M

    Follow along with this video to learn how to safely and properly install the WMN250M Mini Wall-Mount for your 2009-2012 Samsung television. [How-To Video]

  • Samsung Remote Management Support

    Do you need a quick solution to a TV problem? With Samsung's Remote Management Support tool, a member of our support team can remotely diagnose your TV to get you on your way to a solution. Watch this video to learn how. [How-To Video]

  • How To Connect An iPod / iPad / iPhone

    Important: Not all models are compatible with Samsung TVs, for example the iPod Touch and iPhone. If your iPod / iPad / iPhone will not connect try updating your i(Device) to the latest software version. If the device still will not connect it is simply not supported. If you would like to [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Samsung Wireless Keyboard ?

    [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • IP Address Continues To Fail, No Connection Can Be Made To Router

    While its nearly impossible to cover all the different router and modem models and settings, we can easily determine if the router, modem or their settings are causing the problem. Important: You will need an Ethernet cable long enough to reach from your modem to the back of your TV. To test [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Internet Service Test Fails

    An Internet Service Test Failure can occur due to poor connectivity to a modem or a firewall could be interfering with the connection. If the Internet Service Test fails, follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue: Disable any firewall on the network that could be blocking [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • I See a "Not Available" Message On My Screen

    If you see a Not Available message, you have the Speaker Select option set to External Speaker. To return audio to the television's internal speakers, follow these steps: With the TV on, press MENU, and then press arrow to highlight the Sound Menu. Note: The Sub-Menu's name is displayed on [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • How To Update Your Firmware

    Your TV may offer the following update methods: Update through the USB 2.0 port Update through your Home Network Click on the method you would like to use below. Important: The Software upgrade section of the menu will not be available (grayed out): During the first 30 seconds after the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Setting The Sleep Timer

    The Sleep Timer lets you set the TV so that it automatically shuts off after a preset amount of time has passed - 30 minutes to 180 minutes - from the time you set it. To set the Sleep Timer, follow these steps: Turn on your TV. Press the MENU button on your remote control. The Main menu [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Redbox Instant Discontinuing Service

    Redbox Instant by Verizon is discontinuing service on Tuesday October 7th. Below are some FAQs and answers: Why is this happening? The service is shutting down because it was not as successful as we hoped it would be. We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank you for giving us the [FAQs]

  • Where Can I Find Specifications For My TV?

    If you have a current generation model you can visit the webpage for your model and view the specifications tab. Use the search bar to look up your model and select to see the specifications. For Example: If you have an older model that no longer has the specification listed on the product [FAQs]

  • The Standby Light Blinks But Nothing Else Happens

    If the standby light blinks but nothing else happens there are two possible reasons this could happen. The TV is connected to a computer with a VGA cable. An internal component has failed in the TV. If you have a computer connected to the TV with a VGA cable and it is powered off the TV [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • The Standby Light Remains Solid

    If the standby light remains solid when you press the power button on the remote press the power button on the TV. Jog Controller Touch Button Click below on the description that best matches the TVs reaction. [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • My TV Does Not Keep The Settings I Enter

    If your LED TV doesn't retain your settings, it may be that the TV is in Store Demo Mode. Essentially, Shop Mode returns the TV automatically to its default settings in thirty minutes or after the TV is turned off. It is usually used by retailers who want to demonstrate functions to customers, [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Cleaning Your LED TV

    To clean your LED TV, use a soft, clean, lint free, dry cloth. Never use water, cleaning fluids, wax, or chemicals except as described below. To clean fingerprints and greasy smudges off your TV screen, get a bottle of ScreenClean screen cleaning solution or similar screen cleaner. You should [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Signal Problem

    To test if the color problem is localized to a specific signal, follow these steps; If you are using an external set-top-box or Coax (RF) connection to recieve TV go to Step 1. If you are using a different external device (for example: DVD player, Blu-Ray player, game system, etc.) skip to [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • No Signal or Weak Signal

    The No Signal or Weak Signal error message indicates the TV is detecting a connection, but it is not receiving a signal from that connection. You may see this message when you select any device, an antenna, or a direct cable line as your source. The conditions for receiving this error message and [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • I Am Using An RF (Coax) Connection Coming From A Cable Box, Satellite Box, Or Recording Device

    If you are using an RF (Coax) Connection coming from a Cable Box, Satellite Box, or Recording Device as the video source, follow these steps: Make sure the cable box, satellite box, or recording device is powered on. Turn the TV on, and then press the SOURCE button until TV is selected. Enter [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • I Am Using A Direct RF (Coax) Connection From Cable Or An Antenna

    Before continuing confirm: There are no service outages in your area Incoming signal is not being affected by: Raining Humidity Atmospheric pressure Other weather issue For Over-Air Signals use www.antennaweb.org to see your broadcast information and available channels. If you are [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • I Have An Error Message On TV Screen And No Picture

    This TV can display the following error messages: Not Supported Mode No Signal or Weak Signal Check Signal cable Instructions for correcting the conditions that cause the TV to display each of these error messages are below click on the error message you are recieving: Note: Although it [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • My TV Does Not Keep The Settings I Enter

    If your LED TV doesn't retain your settings, it may be that the TV is in Store Demo Mode. Essentially, Shop Mode returns the TV automatically to its default settings in thirty minutes or after the TV is turned off. It is usually used by retailers who want to demonstrate functions to customers, [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • My TV Is Connected Using The Component Connections And The Color Is Not Correct.

    If you have your TV connected to an output device (source) using the Component connections and the color is not correct, follow these steps: Run a Self Diagnosis on your TV. Click here for instructions. If the colors are correct in the Self Diagnosis continue to step 3. If the colors are not [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • The Rolling Line Appears On The RF (Cable) Input

    If the rolling line appears on the RF (cable) input, try the following: Turn off other devices such as DVD players, microwaves, and air conditioners, etc. Change channels to see if the rolling occurs on all channels or just the lower ones. If there is a rolling line on some or all channels, you [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • The Resolution at which the Media is Recorded

    Standard DVDs do not look as good as HD DVDs or Blu-Ray discs because they are recorded at 480p (Enhanced Definition or ED). In contrast, High Definition is 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. To get true HD quality to your TV from a DVD player, you need a Blu-Ray player and Blu-Ray discs or an HD-DVD player [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Determining What Type Of Signal You Are Receiving

    To get the HD picture quality that your TV is capable of displaying, your TV must receive a True HD signal. True HD signals must meet both conditions below: The signal must be broadcast on a High Definition (HD) channel. Your HD channels are set by your cable or satellite provider. Most channels [Troubleshooting Guide]

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