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  • How Can I Remove The Odor From My Washing Machine?

    Listed below are a few suggestions to keep your washer odor free: Do not over load your washer. An overloaded washer does not remove the proper amount of moisture from the clothes. The excess moisture remains in the bottom of the drum and this can cause an odor. In general, your washer is [FAQs]

  • What Is Steam Wash?

    The Steam Wash function injects steam directly into the laundry in the wash tub. Steam injection increases the wash temperature, enhances the soak effect, and improves the washer's performance. [FAQs]

  • Washing Machine Child Lock Feature

    Turning the Child Lock On and Off To activate or de-activate Child Lock, press both the Soil Level and Signal buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. You can activate Child Lock during the power-on or wash cycles. If you activate Child Lock during the laundry operation, all buttons except [FAQs]

  • I'm Moving And I Want To Take My Washer With Me. How Should I Transport It?

    When you move your washer, first replace the shipping bolts that were originally in the back of the washer. This keeps the drum from moving inside the washer and protects it from damage. Also, make sure your washer is placed in the moving van upright. Shipping your washer on its side, front, or [FAQs]

  • Does My Washer Have A Soak Cycle?

    Front load washers do not usually have a soak cycle because they do not use as much water as top loading models. Samsung washers are no exception. This being said, there is a Rinse and Spin cycle that you can choose instead of a soak cycle. [FAQs]

  • Washer Fills With The Wrong Temperature Water

    If your washing machine's water is cold when it's supposed to be warm, or vice versa, check the following: Make sure both faucets from the home's water source are turned on fully. Make sure the temperature selection is correct. Make sure the hoses are connected to the correct faucets. [FAQs]

  • How To Remove The Shipping Bolts From Your Front Load Washing Machine

    Removing the Shipping Bolts from the Front Load Washing Machine [How-To Guide]

  • Is Samsung Running Any Sales Or Promotions On Washers And Dryers?

    On occasion, Samsung will run a promotion and feature it on the website; Such promotions will usually be highlighted on the main home and support pages. Our retail partners do run sales and discounts periodically. You may want to visit their websites, sign up for their online newsletters, and [FAQs]

  • Why Does The Washer Stop At 42 Minutes And Do Nothing?

    If the timer on your washer stops at 42 minutes, and appears to do nothing, this is normal if you are using the Sanitize Cycle or Pure Cycle. The washer will pause for up to 30 minutes while it heats the water to 150°F for Sanitize, or 140°F for Pure Cycle. [FAQs]

  • How Long Does the Silver Nano Kit Last?

    Samsung's SilverCare™ system adds silver ions during the wash and rinse cycles to maximize the sanitizing and antibiotic effects. Two plates of 99.9% pure silver, a very effective sanitizing agent, are converted into silver ions through electrolysis and penetrate the laundry. Even in cold water, [FAQs]

  • How Hot Does The Sanitize Cycle Get?

    The sanitize cycle water temperature is 150 degrees. [FAQs]

  • What Is SilverCare™?

    An increased consumer demand for energy-saving products prompted Samsung to develop a system to use silver, widely known for its antibacterial properties, in your washing machine. Pure silver atoms have an electron stripped away by electrolysis during the wash and rinse cycles, which releases up [FAQs]

  • How Tall Are The Pedestals?

    Samsung pedestals are 15 inches tall. [FAQs]

  • Washer Location

    Consider the following before installing your washer: Flooring For best performance, install your washer on a solidly constructed floor. Wood floors may need to be reinforced to minimize vibration and/or unbalanced load situations. Carpeting and soft tile surfaces are contributing factors in [FAQs]

  • **RECALL NOTICE** Samsung Washing Machines

    In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Samsung Electronics America is voluntarily recalling WF306BHW and WF316 Samsung brand front-loading washing machines manufactured through August 2006. Consumers can find out if their washer is covered by this recall by visiting our [FAQs]

  • Can I Dye Fabric In My Washer?

    It is not recommended that you use front load washing machines for dying fabric. These washers do not use as much water as top load machines, so the dye may not apply evenly. While most dyes do not adhere to the plastics in the washer, leftover dye could stain the washer. Always check with the [FAQs]

  • What Water Pressure Is Required For Samsung Washers?

    To fill your washer correctly in the proper amount of time, the water pressure in your home must be between 20 and 116 psi (pounds per square inch). Water pressure less than 20 psi can cause water valve failure or prevent the water valve from shutting off completely. A fill time limit is built [FAQs]

  • How do I know if the PowerFoam is working on my washing machine?

    The following models have PowerFoam: WF431, WF461, WF511, and WF520. If you do not have one of these models your unit does not have PowerFoam. If you have a model that has PowerFoam and feel that it is not working properly: Remove any clothing from the washing machine. Run either a Heavy [FAQs]

  • How To Level Your Washer

    An unlevel washer can lead to excess vibrations, bad odors, and improperly dispensed detergent. This illustrated instructional video teaches you how to level your washer to avoid these problems.. [How-To Video]

  • What Does A Small, Medium, Or Large Load Of Laundry Look Like In A Front Load Washing Machine?

    A 4.0 Cubic Foot washer can hold 23, 24 x 44 bath towels. However, as laundry loads are not typically comprised of items that are the exact same size and weight, it is difficult to offer an exact number of garments that can be placed in the washing machine. Important: It is important to pay [FAQs]

  • 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4

    The 3E error code represents a motor or hall sensor fault. Service is required. [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Weight Sensing

    When a Normal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, or Towels wash cycle is selected and the Start/Pause button is pushed, the cycle does not start immediately. The following process occurs before the cycle actually begins: Important: Weight sensing (4.) is an automatic function that only occurs in Normal, [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Buttons Do Not Respond. A Face Is Displayed.

    A Smiley Face, Child's Face, or Padlock, illuminated on the display indicates that the Child Lock function is enabled. When the icon above is illuminated on the display, Child Lock is enabled. Child Lock disables all of the control buttons except for the Power button. To disable Child [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Cycles/Settings

    [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Stains On Clothes

    If you notice stains on your clothes that were not there befor they were placed in the washing machine verify the following: Inspect the tub of the washing machine. Verify there are no marks or remnants of ink/dye on the walls, or collected at the bottom of the tub. Verify that there are [Troubleshooting Guide]

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