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  • How To Clean Your PC

    No title To clean your PC safely, follow these steps: Disconnect the power cord and turn off your PC. Gently wipe the surface using a clean, dry micofiber cloth. Use as little pressure as possible.. Cleaning Cloth To clean your PC, we recommend using a Double-sided Microfibre Cloth. [FAQs]

  • Where Do I Purchase Apps For My Chromebook?

    You can purchase apps, extensions, and themes for your Chromebook by visiting the Chrome Web Store. Important: Apps purchased from play.google.com/store are compatible with Android Devices only. To visit the Chrome Web Store, click here or follow the below steps: From the desktop screen, [FAQs]

  • Learn More About Using Your Chromebook (Links to Google's Online Content)

    The following are links to Google content and will take you away from Samsung.com/support. Click here for an Introduction to Chromebook - What are Chromebooks, The Chromebook operating system and Using a managed Chromebook Click here to learn how to Set up your Chromebook - First time [FAQs]

  • Can I Install Java On My Chrome Device?

    Due to the secure nature of the Chrome OS, Google does not allow the installation of Java on Chrome Devices. This is a function of the Operating System, and Google has no plans to support Java. [FAQs]

  • How To Change The Time Zone On Your Chromebook

    Set the time on your Chrome device. [How-To Guide]

  • How To Right Click And Left Click On Your Chromebook Touchpad

    Selecting items and opening menus correctly with the touchpad. [How-To Guide]

  • How To Remove A Registered Product

    This easy to use guide will help you remove a product that has been registered in error. [How-To Guide]

  • How Do I Lock Or Unlock My Chromebook?

    To lock your Chromebook, follow the steps below. When signed in, click on the status bar in the lower right corner. Click on the lock icon. Note: To unlock your Chromebook, enter your password at the login screen. Your session will be restored. [FAQs]

  • I Am Receiving An Error In The Chrome Browser. What Does It Mean?

    If you are receiving an error when attempting to use the Chrome browser, click here to go to Google's support page on errors and crashes. [FAQs]

  • Why Do Web Pages Appear Too Big Or Too Small In The Chrome Browser?

    If the websites you are visiting appear too small or too big, you may have changed the browser setting. To adjust the displayed size, use the information below. To set web pages to the Default screen size press the Ctrl and 0 keys. + To increase the displayed size press the Ctrl and + [FAQs]

  • What Does The Aw, Snap! Error Mean?

    The Aw, Snap! error appears if a webpage crashes. Usually reloading the page will fix the problem. However, if the message continues to appear every time you load the page, click here to go to Google support for troubleshooting. [FAQs]

  • How Do I Connect To A Wireless Network?

    To connect your Chromebook to a wireless network, follow the steps below: Click on the status area in the lower right corner of your screen. Click on the network icon. A list of wireless networks in range will appear. Select your network. Enter your network password if applicable and [FAQs]

  • How To Disable And Enable Guest Browsing

    Prevent guest sign in on your Chromebook. [How-To Guide]

  • What Is The Difference Between Signing In Through An Account And Signing In As A Guest?

    The Guest feature allows you to safely lend your computer to a friend without giving them access to your personal emails and files. A Guest can browse the web and download files like a User; however, they cannot create bookmarks, access your apps, or install new extensions and apps. When a [FAQs]

  • How Do I Create A New Account On My Chromebook?

    Important: You must have an active network connection to create a new account. To create a new account on your Chromebook, follow the steps below: Power the Chromebook on. If you're already signed in on another account, click on the status area in the lower right corner and select Sign Out. [FAQs]

  • Why Am I Unable To Login To My Chromebook?

    If you are unable to login to your Chromebook, follow the steps below: Verify that you have an active network connection by clicking on the network icon in the lower right corner of the screen. A popup will appear telling you what network you are connected to. If you receive the error [FAQs]

  • Why Does A Menu Pop Up Every Time I Click The Touchpad?

    A two finger click is interpreted like a right mouse click, which brings up the context menu. Make sure that another finger isn't resting on the touchpad when clicking on a link. Note: If you are only using one finger to click, there may be an issue with the touchpad. Hint: If you need to [FAQs]

  • What Are The Chrome OS Shortcuts?

    Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of keys that allow you to quickly perform specific actions. In the Chrome OS you can easily see all of the available keyboard shortcuts using the steps below. Press the Ctrl + Alt + / keys. The keyboard window appears. When you hold down the Ctrl, Alt, [FAQs]

  • How Do I Delete An Account On My Chromebook?

    Important: These instructions will not work with the owner account (the first account created on the Chromebook). This account cannot be removed without performing a system recovery. Removing an account from the Chromebook does not delete it entirely; your information and settings are still [FAQs]

  • What USB Devices Work On My Chromebook?

    The following USB devices are compatible with your Chromebook: USB keyboards USB mice USB hubs USB audio devices USB-to-Ethernet adapters USB drives and external storage Important: While the above devices are compatible with your Chromebook, we cannot guarantee the functionality of [FAQs]

  • How Do I Reformat My USB Drive/SD Card Recovery Media After A Recovery?

    After you have performed a recovery on your Chromebook using the Windows Recovery tool, you will need to format your USB drive or SD card. To learn how to format your Recovery media, click here to go to Google's support article. [FAQs]

  • What Can I Do If A Recovery Did Not Resolve My Chromebook Issue?

    If performing a recovery on your Chromebook does not resolve your issue, you can switch from the stable channel to see if there is an available fix. To learn how to switch from the stable channel, click here to go to Google's support page. If you have switched from the stable channel and then [FAQs]

  • How Do I Change The Touchpad Settings?

    To adjust the touchpad's settings, follow the steps below: Click on the status area in the lower right corner and select Settings. Under Device, you can use the slider to adjust the speed of the touchpad. Click on Touchpad settings. The Touchpad settings window appears. In [FAQs]

  • How Do I Prevent Specific Accounts From Logging Into My Chromebook?

    Important: Only the owner account can control login rights. To modify login rights, follow the steps below: Click the status area in the lower right corner and select Settings. Under Users, click 'Manage other users The Users window appears. Click on the box next to 'Restrict [FAQs]

  • Where Are The Left And Right Click Buttons On My Chromebook?

    Your Chromebook's touchpad also serves as the mouse buttons. Left click - Click the touchpad. Right click - Use two fingers to click the touchpad. If you would like to enable tap-to-click, follow the steps below: Click the status area in the lower right corner of the display and select [FAQs]

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