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Galaxy S4

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Which version of the Android™ platform does my Samsung Galaxy S® 4 use?

Update History Version Date Released Information I337ZTUUBOA3 09/01/2015 Android OS Security Enhancements (Stagefright) I337ZTUUBNE2 06/25/2014 Android OS update to KitKat 4.4.2...


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Galaxy S4 (Cricket) edit


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Galaxy S4 (Cricket)

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Samsung Galaxy S® 4 (Cricket)

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s7 LED indicator color

Dear All, I just got my Samsung S7 Edge recently. And, I am wondering how many colors the S7 Edge LED indicator has. Since I got the phone on my hand, I only see red, gre...

by Silvermoon88, Posted on APR 16 2016 12 Replies | 37502 Views
12 Replies | 37502 Views
Samsung galaxy s7 edge sound distortion

I can hear a distortion like crackling coming from the speaker, and it happens randomly when I play music, videos, or gaming.

by Sertach17, Posted on APR 10 2016 116 Replies | 103610 Views
116 Replies | 103610 Views
Galaxy S6 voice to text feature missing from keyboard after update

by Afarmer, Posted on APR 05 2016 85 Replies | 51047 Views
85 Replies | 51047 Views
Disable Burst Mode on S7 Edge [PE/FR]

Does anyone know how to disable the "burst mode" on the new s7 Edge? I keep taking multiple photos when I am only wanting to take one. Thanks for your help.

by mightymo1961, Posted on APR 01 2016 81 Replies | 27987 Views
81 Replies | 27987 Views
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