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0. How To Connect And Setup ARC (Audio Return Channel) On Your HW-D550 Sound Bar


STEP 1. Connection setup


ARC (Audio Return Channel) eliminates the need to use two cable connections, instead all you need is one HDMI connection between your Sound bar and TV. TV Audio will be sent to the Sound bar and Sound bar audio (from connected external devices) will be sent to the TV using the same HDMI cable.

An HDMI (A to C type) is bundled with your HW-D550/ HW-D551, this cable is also known as HDMI to Mini HDMI and can be purchased at any electronics store.

To use ARC you will need the following:

    • An ARC compatible TV
    • Enable Anynet+ on TV  (see your TV's accompanying literature if you are not sure, usually under Setup Settings)
    • A High Speed HDMI to Mini HDMI cable
    • Power off both the Sound bar, TV, and external devices before making any connections

To connect your TV and Sound bar for ARC follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the small end of the HDMI cable (C type) to HDMI OUT on the back of the Sound bar.
  2. Connect the larger end of the HDMI cable (A type) to HDMI IN ARC on the back of your TV. ARC compatible TV's often mark one of the HDMI IN ports with 'ARC', check your TV's accompanying literature if you are not sure which port to use.
  3. Power on your Sound bar and TV. The input on the Sound bar should automatically change and the front display should read 'TV ARC'. If it does not, press the Input Select button on the Sound bar remote until the front display of the Sound bar reads 'DIGI.1'.
    • Anynet + is enabled by default on your Sound bar, if you have disabled it press the Anynet+ button on the Sound bar remote to enable. Anynet+ turns on and off each time the Anynet+ button is pressed.
  1. Press the Audio Button on the Sound bar remote to set the mode to ARC, the front display will reads 'TV ARC'. See the chart below for details.

Audio Mode

Example 1: If you have connected a cable box to your Sound bar using HDMI IN 1 and prefer to use the TV speakers, press the Audio Mode button until the display reads 'SND TV'. Each time the Audio mode button is pressed it will toggle through each of the modes above.


  • Anynet+ is not available if the HDMI cable you are using does not support CEC.
  • If Anynet+ is off, the ARC function is not available
  • Using an uncertified HDMI cable may cause incompatability and ARC may not work correctly.