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0. SGH-A877 - Updating USB Drivers For Samsung Mobile Devices and PC Studio


STEP 1. How do you know if drivers need to be updated?

If everything is plugged in correctly, after verifying part numbers for Original Samsung Parts and when in device manager you see either a red x, a yellow exclamation mark (!), a yellow question mark (?) or a device that is labeled “unknown device” typically seen under either Universal Serial Bus Controllers or Modems.

STEP 2. Device Manager

You can reach the Device Manager which handles all of the loading and maintenance of device drivers by going to:

-Type in devmgmt.msc

STEP 3. Ensuring Update of the correct device

The main four categories that we will be concerned with are the Universal Serial Bus Controllers, Ports, Modem, and Network Adapters (for ActiveSync 4.x) submenus.

The best way to ensure that you’re updating the correct drivers is to unplug the device (from the cable) and pay attention to device manager.

STEP 4. Continuing Troubleshooting

Once you’ve correctly identified the correct driver to update, then:

Double-click on the device name
Choose the “Driver” tab
Choose “Update Driver”

If Windows asks to connect to the Windows Driver Update Database, just select “No, not at this time” and click Next.

STEP 5. Continuing On

Select “Install from a list or specific location”
Hit next
You will see this screen.

Ensure that the “include this location in the search” box is checked and then click Browse.

STEP 6. Finding the Driver

Once browse is selected, the following window should appear.

1. Select My Computer
2. Select Local Disc C:
3. Select Program Files
4. Select Samsung
5. Select PC Studio 3
6. Select USB Drivers
7. Select 1

STEP 7. Finishing Install

Once you hit OK, it will take you back to the Wizard screen. Simply hit “Next” to continue.

You should see it begin to install the files into the System32/Drivers folder.

Once that is complete, you should get a confirmation stating that the installation has completed. Hit Finish.

STEP 8. WHAT?! AGAIN?! I just did that!

If the found new hardware wizard comes up again, don’t worry, most devices use 2-3 different device drivers. (which may or not be in the same directory) Just repeat the steps listed before.