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what is the twin cooling system?
Samsung developed the world's first Twin Cooling System in 1995 and it has been in application since.
The Twin Cooling System controls the refrigerator and freezer independently with two separate
evaporators and precise electronic control. This brings:

superior energy savings
An adequate amount of cool air is provided in each compartment independent of the other. Temperature
sensors and microcomputers detect which compartment needs cooling and enables the refrigerator
and freezer to use power only when their respective compartments need cool air.

ideal temperature and humidity preservation
Because cool air in the refrigerator does not travel to the freezer, the refrigerator compartment
maintains a high level of humidity. The separate evaporators allow each compartment to maintain its
ideal temperature.

no mixing of odors

Since cool air does not travel through the same duct to reach the two compartments, oders are

conventional cooling system

Air travels between the freezer and refrigerator area causing a mixing of odors.


twin cooling system

With the Twin Cooling System there is no mixing of odors.  

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