For your viewing pleasure.

4K Picture Resolution

The Samsung Ultra HD TV features 8.3 million pixels (3840 x 2160), each displaying vivid colors, fluid motion and a flawless picture that’s four times the resolution of Full HD.

Quadmatic Picture Engine

A four-step process that includes signal analysis, noise reduction, UHD up‑scaling and detail enhancement seamlessly converts Full HD programming to 4K resolution so every show is in Ultra High-Def.

Premium Viewing

With its crystal-clear picture, rich audio and sleek design, the Ultra HD TV offers an immersive and luxurious entertainment experience.

Immensely impressive.

Larger-Than-Life Experience

If you’re a huge fan of entertainment, you need a screen size to match. Ultra-large screens with amazingly slim bezels let you lose yourself in your favorite programs, games and more.

Stunning 85-Inch Screen

As one of the industry’s largest TVs, the 85-Inch Samsung Ultra HD TV enhances your TV-watching experience in a big way.

Multiple Sizes Fit All

Whether it’s 55, 65 or 85 inches, Samsung Ultra HD TVs are available in screen sizes that fit virtually everyone’s entertainment wants and needs.

Innovative today. And for years to come.

Smart Evolution

The industry’s only 4K future-proof TV can be upgraded with the latest features and functionality as they become available via the One Connect box. As technology evolves, so does the Ultra HD TV.

One Connect box

Reduce clutter and merge all your connections such as cable boxes, Blu-ray players and more into a single cable that plugs into the back of the Ultra HD TV. Not only does the One Connect box streamline your TV’s look — it also helps keep it up to date with the latest software and fully prepares your TV for future 4K features.

TV has never been better.

Smart TV

The new Smart TV searches live TV, movies and streaming services to find what you love to watch.

Smart Hub

Five different panels allow you to discover your favorite movies, shows, social networks, games, apps and more. It’s everything you love all in one place.

S Recommendation

Samsung Ultra HD TVs recommend shows and movies based on your viewing habits so you always have something new to watch.

Smart Interaction

Change the channel, navigate the Smart Hub and turn the TV on and off with a simple voice command or flick of the wrist.